Sweet Friendships: Raising Up A Culture of Kingdom Family

This is not just another post/video about sweet friendships and how wonderful they are.

This is about reigning in life and raising up Sons and Daughters.

In the Video above I talk about this again. It’s very similar to the last ezine/blog post.sweetfriendships
This is the one word God gave me that I’d like to repeat:

“Be thankful for those who see the nuts and bolts of your life and still love you. The ones who take the pieces, dust off the rust, dirt, and speak them to where they belong. The ones who speak life to you amidst the process of growing up as a Son or a Daughter of the King. The ones who celebrate who you are becoming rather than who you are not. It’s in this context of Kingdom family that many will rise to reign in life. Who is God calling for you to speak The Father’s Heart to?”

I love God’s timing. And His witty confirmations. As I was shooting this video on my I-phone about this subject, I get a text from a Kingdom friend who texted this:

“I sincerely want you guys to know how much you mean to Randy and me. Keeping our connection is really important to us….. I love you guys so much. We definitely need to get together to go to dinner or 10341946_10206843579790660_6304403656046151665_njust get together and hang out for a little while. I love you and I miss you both….”

And then she tells me she is coming by with a pound cake. I called it the prophetic pound cake displaying how sweet friendships can really be. Hah!
You may not have a few people to be that healthy connection right now. You may not have a circle of “lifers”.

That’s ok. I believe as you remain intentional to hear His voice and walk as a Son/Daughter that He will bring some Kingdom friends who will speak the Father heart to you.

And until then? Well, God said something to me so clearly the other day. First, He reminded me the night four years ago when He told me I was to be a “life speaker”. Then He said, “Theresa, you are to be the Media Messenger”.

I squirmed. I desire to be a bridge for you to know you too can hear His voice, to encourage you to grow “in the Vine”, among my other ventures. I enjoy working for my social media clients, and writing as an author. So please hear me. This is not about me. It’s about you. He will use any measure to speak to you until you DO find some “Jesus with skin on” friends.

I believe that sweet friendships and godly relationships are the much needed foundation for the fullness of God’s gifts to be released. This will bring a shift in the atmosphere where we will see an impact on cities, states, and the nations of this world. From the context of being connected to people who walk in the intentionality of expressing His love is the life source for many to rise to the fullness of their calling. It’s part of being in the Vine, in the sweet spot of life. It’s all about learning the art of loving well with a Father/Mother hearts! 

922758_920628861354627_599100603623870463_nSo, welcome to the family. I look forward to more connection with you!

In The Vine,


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