The Weeds In Your Garden

When you feel a knife go into your heart and you fight not to live in the drama of your trauma.

When a soul wound is stabbed open by a memory or current event and spills out in a mess again.

When you know there is a way to walk with abundant life but you seem paralyzed by present day circumstances.

How. What. Where.

I see this as weeds in your garden, in your heart. Soul wounds that want to mess up a beautiful life.

I know that to speak and write about the healing of soul wounds and on soul health, I have to walk it out.

Oh, He is so faithful as He gives me opportunities to walk with Him and let Him deal with any ash from the trash. 

I have had my share of issues of abandonment. Rejection. Walking in anything but victorious emotions.

I  love this quote from Wendy Backlund in her new book, Victorious Emotions:

Emotions do not validate truth; they validate what we believe. If we want to have different emotions, then we must have a different beliefs based on God’s word.” 

So it’s a beautiful choice we have for gratefulness to a God who loves us and gives us choices daily.

We have the gift of choice? We can choose the trauma and the drama or we can choose His love and forgiveness.

It’s still a year of turnaround and that means a continued shift in our belief system. This is like the word from my front porch in the video above and a key to soul health.

PROPHETIC WORD: I love when He speaks. He is talking a lot about a swift forward move in this TURNAROUND year. It has to do with your freedom!

“I have good news for you. I am proclaiming freedom all over the land. My time of favor has come to turn your mourning into shouts of praise. To bring you My beauty for your ashes of sorrow.”

He gave me this word after studying and working on a video for the Mentor group and the Spirit Identity Series about healing of soul wounds. I pray it blesses you today and gives you hope.

Listen To The Vinedresser

“Come close My child. The roar of the drama from your trauma moves Me not. The mess of your gaping wound is why I bid you to draw near to you. You are still My delight. One word from Me with My finished work on the cross is enough to begin the healing of your soul.

“Let me wash you and cleanse you with the blood of My sacrifice. Let me breath on you with the breath of My spirit. One confession can create a new session of abundant life for you. Draw near to Me dear one, and I will draw near to you.

“I not only provide freedom from your sins but also healing deep into your soul. You can rise from the ash of the trash others have spilled on you. I give you the power to walk in your testimony day in and day out which becomes your shining destiny.

“You are My breaker anointing messenger. Your love for Me may make you the talk of the town, but the fresh clean water from your soul will draw dry cracked and damage souls to Me. Your life, your gentle spirit, your smile, your freedom will draw thousands to you. You will get to raise your hands and say “I am free. My chains are gone. The Vinedresser had mercy on me. Freedom!!!!”

“Now that the weeds of addiction, drama, sickness, and sin has been pulled out, you become that fruitful garden where others can feast on the fruit. Your love for ME creates a fresh harvest that daily feeds you and others.

“You are meant to live in such soul health that it rebounds on everyone around you. First with your family…and then your region of influence. You are My breaker anointing messenger. Go confidently in my dunamis power and walk in the full capacity of the echoing call I put in your heart.

“You are My delight child. Work your faith in the process. But still, not strive, simply abide….in the Vine.”
Love the Vinedresser

I’m working on Volume 2 of Listen To The Vinedresser. I appreciate your prayers and your support.

I also just released the Book The Spirit Identity Series, on Amazon and i-books. It’s free with my video series but I thought I’d still make it available. This is some of the ground work for another book: The Breaker Anointing: The Steps In Carrying Breakthrough!

Fun fun fun…walking in my God given lane of praying for you and speaking LIFE!

Stay abiding amidst the process.

In the Vine,


PS The Spirit Identity Series is still at it’s introduction price. Click here now to learn more how you can be spirit driven and not driven by the drama of any trauma!

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