Can you experience the more than enough Presence of God?

Can you join heaven’s Kingdom realm in worship right where you are.

Can you move and work as a marketplace person, or in a ministry, or as a mom, and release the Kingdom of God with all of heaven joining in with you?

I have believed this to be true and have experienced moments in the Spirit where I had no explanation except a witness in my spirit.

Recently, during one night of school (Bethel Atlanta’s School of The Supernatural), Dave and I had the awesome experience to listen to a Kingdom General, Judy Franklin. She explained in detail some of her past and current experiences with heaven. I can only repeat what my husband has said, “We are spirit beings having a human experience.” Judy’s testimony put words and explanation to what I have experienced.

I believe this might help you as you trust God with the assignment He has right before you now.

Let me try and explain.

I’m learning to walk and see more in the spirit as I trust God to speak to my heart. I can remember one moving moment this past summer that I experienced while visiting in the mountains.  On one particular day I knew God called me to get up from a chair I was sitting in by the lake, and walk the property praying in the spirit and declaring the breakthrough anointing over the land.

As I walked the paths up to where there was a cross and an outdoor sanctuary, I felt an angelic presence.  As I declared and walked I could see in my spirit the Angels high in the treemore than enoughs joining in the declaration.  It was like they were so ready to join the movement of the Holy Spirit on the property. They fluttered to every declaration. I also prayed for my family’s breakthrough and saw the same movement. I may not be describing this well, but I know the moment has been burned into my spirit and my heart.

As I walked around in a circle on the platform at the cross, I felt the very electricity in the heavens ramped up in agreement. It was surreal yet so moving as I cried out in the spirit from the depth of my heart. HIS love was pouring out giving me the very unction to cry and pray for a massive movement in deliverance, in health, in wealth…for my family, for my friends.

I had much the same experience, which I explain in the video above, while worshipping with my church family during a Creative Night of Worship on the lawn of our (Bethel Atlanta’s) new property.  The creative worship night was for the intercessors, the dancers, the banners, the painters and the writers.

I took my i-Pad and keyboard and wrote out what I felt the spirit was saying.

 The More Than Enough Word From The Vinedresser

I write all this to say… You are the forerunners of this kind of move by the Spirit to bring heaven to earth. You do this right where you are.

So, your work in that business or ministry, is your act of worship. Your content love in your family brings angels to dance alongside you to celebrate and even help you.

You are significant. You are important. You are God’s anointed vessel to bring the more of Him to everything you touch!

I’ll share what He gave me that night with a declaration in hopes you will realize the “more than enough” God is here to help you in your journey as His much loved son, His much loved daughter. Before reading this, will you open your Bible and read Exodus 36:1-6.

Declaration: I have more than enough for anything God has set before me.

I have more than enough.

Listen to the Vinedresser..

“I am walking amidst you saying I am all you need. I am more than enough no matter what you are facing. Your sweet devotion and tender worship here on this lawn, in this place, is a sweet aroma… Do you hear me?…. I am all you need. I am more than enough. I declare a more than enough declaration over this land, over your family, over your life.

“I am giving you an intimate experience of deep insight into the hidden truths and mysteries of my realm here in this garden. It is the realm of My Kingdom which you have access anytime of any day. Here is the storehouse for wealth in revelation that is more than enough for you.

“As I hear you sing that you want more of Me, I am releasing my breaker anointing that pours the more than enough fire. The fire breaks open the ground of your heart so you cant be able to handle well the overpowering depth of my Majestic love and grace… The fire burns off the imperfections. Don’t worry, My Child, My oil is here to soothe any pain of the flame on your skin. 

“Watch the release of MORE of Me…I am declaring that this land will be a land of reconciliation. From the east to the west…from nation to nation…  More of My Presence will flow. You will be My Hands, My feet, My mouth…You will know how and when to bring the treasures in your heart to show to others.

“So go ahead. Ask for more. Ask for more!  I delight to give to my laid down lovers the anointing of more. Finances? Consider it done. Relationships? Consider them restored.. Bodies wracked with pain? Consider them healed.

“The more than enough is here… For what I have stored up in your hearts will be heard by your generation with the overflow of your words. You will be My forerunners of the more than enough messengers. Remember, the more than enough hidden truth comes not by striving, but simply abiding, in the Vine.

Love The Vinedresser

I’d love to hear how the Spirit of God is speaking to you. Share with me after listening to the video!

In the Sweet Spot, In the Vine,
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