This is what the Lord said to me the other morning:

Could it be the hard and dry times you are experiencing are part of the process to be able to carry well His glory. The internal pressure of the test is meant to increase your level of faith and passion. Lift up your heart and cry to the Lord in your barren place. Draw on the Holy Spirit that is already poured into your life. He will sustain you and enable to steward well His promises over your life.

Internal pressure, no doubt, can come from external experiences. Later in the afternoon the day I wrote this, my husband got a call from my 18 year-old daughter who was distraught about her car and was parked on the side of I-20 just outside of Atlanta.Annabeautiful

Her check engine light had come on and she thought her car was going to blow up or not run if she got back on the Interstate with the “HOTlanta” 97 degree temps. Emotions were running high on the way to find her. Needless to say, I was very aware of what I wrote that morning and was praying in the Holy Spirit so as to not let the external mess of emotions ruin the garden of my heart.

We eventually found her. I climbed into her green machine and got the car home. All afternoon Anna and I sweated profusely while waiting for a “bdp” sensor reading to get the code for what was exactly wrong. We encountered one problem. No one at the Auto Parts center knew WHERE the outlet was on her Volvo to take the test. Needless to say, the next day Anna went on YouTube and found exactly where it was. (The auto place was so busy it was hard to get anyone to concentrate to help us).

So how about you? Do you have those inner struggles that come from outward circumstances. Sometimes not managing yourself can cause you all sorts of problems. It’s ok to say no. This can be hard if you are a people pleaser. You let people’s demands run you over without having proper boundaries. Or you worry about everyone and everything trying to get all those ducks in a row.

I’ve learned a new motto when it comes to boundaries. “On a good day I do well to manage myself.”

So what is the internal pressure you are feeling? You know, when something tugs deep down and you feel something is deep wrong inside or you. Or, you find yourself in a web of fear or anxiety.

I’m trying to walk this out myself as I explain above in this video. I share how Psalm 84 has really helped me lately. I cry out amidst my valley of “Baca” (tears) and come away refreshed by His Word.

Maybe you are going through an internal pressure that is really messing you up on the inside. My solution that I find is simply to cry out to God and let His cool refreshment come in His Word. 

Let’s make a declaration together!

IN THE VINE DECLARATION: “The internal pressures will not take me out. I am growing through the test to carry well my destiny. “

Listen to the Vinedresser

“My child, the garden of your heart is becoming dry, cracked, and barren. I see your valiant effort in running the race of your divine designed destiny. Come to Me now, and pour out the disappointment you feel with the delays and heart-aches.

“You can draw from Me purpose in the midst of the internal pressure. Under the surface of your travail lies a spring that My Spirit has deposited in you. Contend with your difficult circumstances by going often to this pool of refreshment. When the world invades your garden with the weeds of worry or foxes of fear, lift up your heart to Me.

I will get down on My knees and help you pull the weeds. I will go to the well and pour the water out freely to keep the soil fresh. My Word is the fertilizer that helps you grow.“I am your sun. I am your shield. c I infuse you with grace and glory. No good thing will I withhold as you walk uprightly. A day in my vineyard is better than thousands in the cesspool of the systems of success based by the world.

“Blessed are you as you dwell in My Vineyard. The garden of your heart is My concern. Now take this time to silently soak. I will sustain you through this intense gardening of your own heart. I will get down on My knees and help you pull the weeds. I will go to the well and pour the water out freely to keep the soil fresh. My Word is the fertilizer that helps you grow.

“Blessed are you as you trust your garden to Me. Your praise produces flowers to replace the wilderness. Your thanksgiving brings the fruit that refresh others. Your garden will reflect the joy of abiding, not striving…in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

I hope you will click here or on the video above to watch this short video as I share more. Maybe my processing will help make sense to you. I hope so. 

Stay in the sweet spot.

In The Vine,

“The Media Messenger”

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