You carry the breaker anointing, you are able to pull from heaven and change the atmosphere where ever you go. The Holy Spirit shared this with me via “Listen To The Vinedresser” like this:

“Your breakthrough is one word of My promise spoken out loud by faith and belief. This one key opens the eyes of your heart so you can see and hear the resounding YES of heaven.”

“Now, beloved, you are ready to engage in the spirit realm where you will have free and complete access to My Kingdom as I send you out as My breaker-anointing messenger.


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“You will be the door of hope. That hope carries the influences which shifts atmospheres. You will be the one I entrust to handle the wealth of the storehouses in heaven as a faithful steward releasing resources wisely.”

“You will produce My radical passion for jewels of heaven with souls saved, healing, miracles, training, equipping, and producing disciples who carry extra ordinary provision. You will use the keys that I give you to enter doors of those who run cities, states, and nations. The Father-heart I give you will be foreign to many you meet behind these closed doors. What would take years to accomplish will take minutes as you embrace them with the majesty of My love.

“More doors will open. More walls will come down. Watch this happen in those closest to you first. Get ready, My beloved. You are My hidden gem who I am ready to shine through. You’ve been through the fire. You’ve stood the test by resting in My love.

“You are the one I choose with all the keys to open more doors so My Kingdom will be released with no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven. It all starts here with no striving, but simply abiding, in the Vine.” Love the Vinedresseryou are the one

(Excerpt From Devotional “Listen To The Vinedresser:  31 Declarations Of Who You Are In The Vine”)

Remember, Holy Spirit says He put that WARRIOR SPIRIT in you. You are learning to beat the enemy and that anointing has increased. He said that more of His overpowering wisdom and spirit will envelope you…because He has more assignments… These are not things that you have to work at or strive at…It’s like you are simply walking and breathing as His much loved daughter, His much loved son, with full confidence HE WILL guide you and lead you and give you supernatural strength.

And then out of your mouth will come words of encouragement for others around you. God will stamp favor on them because it’s you, His child who is speaking. You will see major them and yourself.  You are His breaker anointing messenger pulling heaven to earth with your abiding, speaking, and relying on His voice. Seek His Presence often. His voice is in the Presence…

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