Lifers: From The Beach To Prison

After spending a weekend at the beach watching my husband Dave officiate a wedding for one of my daughter’s best friends and then going to prison, I can’t help but have connections on my mind.

Yes, I will explain the prison part.  First things first: the beach!

Not only did I get to experience the joy of watching a young couple get married, but also was surprised by getting to reconnect with some of our most precious friends who just happened to be taking time off from their busy ministry to get some rest in the area.14947641_10211269728281606_2596953464881753375_n

A text came in early the morning of the wedding on the beach…”Are you guys at Panama City Beach with Anna?”

Don’t you just love Social Media! They had seen an Instagram Anna took from the sunset at Panama City Beach.

So, as always I say when I get such a sweet blessing in life.. “My Poppa loves me!”

Dave and I caught up with a morning breakfast and later an awesome dinner with these precious Kingdom Warriors from New Orleans! This couple is one of those amazing divine connection from God. We first met this family a few years ago by bumping into them at Grace (Five) Guys Burgers while attending a conference with Bill Johnson at Bethel Atlanta.

daveabbyianIn between getting caught up with our “lifer friends” was the ultimate expression of connection with a precious wedding ceremony as two young lovers of Jesus got married. They took communion together and washed each other’s feet in the ceremony of their commitment to spend the rest of their lives as husband and wife. Anna was a bridesmaid. Dave’s mom came with us and sat with my son William. On top of all this, seeing Dave express the Father’s heart by conducting this covenant ceremony made this a moment to remember… family, as friends, as lifers.

Connections are a bonus delight from our Heavenly Father. As we give our first love to Him, He has this wonderful way of adding bonuses to that relationship with a spouse, and precious dear friends.

This is the topic of this short video above where I shared three simple keys that go with this delightful experience of relationships, with your family and friends. I hope you can watch it. As I have attended school at BASSM, I have experienced God answer cries of my heart by gaining new friends that are truly becoming “lifer friends.”

What does a lifer friend mean?

teeladonnaIt means being vulnerable. It means speaking life and making declarations over your friends. It means sticking with them through thick and thin. It means believing God’s best for them with their spouse and their children, no matter how messy the process may or may not be. It means you provide a safe place to do life with them, celebrating who they are and who they are becoming. It means laughing and crying, caring and sharing, pushing away past crashes and calling out the gold in them.

So, Dave and I ended our trip to the beach by going another route home to a prison. There we visited a dear brother we have known and supported for over 20 years. We sat across from each other in stiff cold chairs in a prison visiting room and brought life to a brother. We laughed, ate snacks from the vending machine, cried, and simply enjoyed each other. Right before we were to leave, Dave spoke powerful words, again from the Father’s heart, of hope, healing, restoration, and life to this brother. Another son will be coming home soon!!

Bottom line though is no matter how great your relationships are with your family and friends, no one can satisfy your heart like an intimate relationship with Jesus. Because you are connected to Him in the Vine, He is calling you out to be connection to those around you. Pray and ask Him for this kind of friend (s). He wants this for you as much as you do. And when He answers and brings a “lifer friend” to you as a divine connection, you will come to know the truth of this statement…

“Your Poppa Loves YOU!”

In the sweet spot, In the Vine,


PS Click here or on the video above to learn the three keys to the delight of relationships! 

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