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In the video above, I share candidly, messed up hair and all, how I experienced a trauma that about took me down for the count. 

I do not really want to go into the details, but let’s just say my right arm is almost all black and blue and, well, I am alive with no trip to the Emergency room.

I share this video where I share thoughts about death, to go with a short testimony, and a re-release of this word about KEYS To The Kingdom, from the Vinedresser.


Actual moment of prayer when we witnessed metal dissolving!

Yesterday, Dave and I returned from a mission trip with some of the students we are in school with at Bethel Atlanta. Our goal was to release the Father’s Heart to groups of young boys being held at The Bridge, a youth detention center.

If I ever wonder what kind of legacy I want to leave, this trip put an exclamation mark to those thoughts.

Our team of 12 swooped down on this camp and in two days released the Father’s heart with love, healing, salvations, and hope to these young men. I witnessed metal in arms and legs dissolving. I witnessed young men being radically saved and then being baptized in the Holy Spirit. I witnesses heaven invading earth.

I have been really asking God to stretch me with “KEY” words to share prophetically. As one of our team members shared a word up front, my eyes locked onto the back of this young boy sitting in the front. I asked Holy Spirit for words. He gave me 22, the color red, and mockingbird.


“Cowboy Kingdom Warrior” Zack, Our Leader From The Bridge, Praying For One Of The Boys”

After the talk, the team was called up front to release any prophetic words that we were getting. I jumped out first and stepped up to this young boy and asked him if the words I mentioned above meant anything. It shocked him. He was very skeptical and really did not want to come. (They were not forced to meet with us). Well, I thought I pretty much missed it. But it shook this young man, because 23 was his favorite number. He looked at me wide-eyed though. Later, Dave and I got to talk to him and Dave, displaying the heart of daddy God, lead him beautifully and radically to the Lord.

I walked away from that looking for someone else to talk to when all of a sudden….I noticed no pain in my arm! i had been wracked with terrible pain all week. I testified to that, even showing my ugly black and blue arm, and more healing came about as our leader, Joseph Parkman, called out for healing in arms, shoulders, hips etc.

Pretty darn awesome! So, later, as another talk was going on, I had a chat with the Holy Spirit.

“Did I totally miss it? Mockingbird? Really God?” I asked.

Holy Spirit told me to google search “Mockingbird”… so I did. BAM. I saw a song by Eminem with these words, perfectly displaying this young boys thoughts before his encounter with a living God.

“I know sometimes things
May not always make sense to you right now
But hey, what daddy always tell you?
Straighten up little soldier
Stiffen up that upper lip
What you crying about?
You got me…”

I testify to all of this to say..God has given you KEYS to the Kingdom for you to activate the supernatural. Some of them are real, like keys to offices, cars, and homes. Some are in the Kingdom realm to release healing and hope to your family and friends.

Will you use them? Listen to a Word from the Vinedresser…

You forgot something dear child. The key to intimacy is with Me. In this secret place you can hear what I am saying to you about your problems, your circumstances, your trials. So I beckon you again to come soak in the Holy Spirit healing balm found in My Vineyard of My tender care.

“Here is one key. Here is one promise. “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” You are not invisible to Me even though you feel you are to those around you.

“I remain with a heart fully toward you with the intentionality of the goodness of My overflowing love. Take that one key child and speak it out loud. Your breakthrough is one word of My promise spoken out loud by faith and belief. This one key opens the eyes of your heart so you can see and hear the resounding YES of heaven.

“Now beloved, you are ready to engage in the spirit realm where you will have free and complete access to My Kingdom as I send you out as My breaker anointing messenger. You will be the door of hope. That hope carries the influences which shifts atmospheres. You will be the one I entrust to handle the wealth of the storehouses in heaven as a faithful steward releasing resources wisely.

“You will produce My radical passion for jewels of heaven with souls saved, healings, miracles, training, equipping, and producing disciples who carry extra ordinary provision. You will use the keys that I give you to enter doors of those who run cities, states, and nations. The father heart I give you will be foreign to many you meet behind these closed doors. What would take years to accomplish will take minutes as you embrace them with the majesty of My love.

“More doors will open. More walls will come down. Watch this happen in those closest to you first.
Get ready My beloved. You are My hidden gem who I am ready to shine through. You’ve been through the fire. You’ve stood the test by resting in My love. You are the one I choose with all the keys to open more doors so My Kingdom will be released with no more barriers between heaven and earth, earth and heaven. It all starts here with no striving but simply abiding in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser
Does this resonate with you? I love to read your comments.
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He’s giving you a key. I pray you will walk by faith and use it. Someone else’s breakthrough may very well be on the other side.

daveteebeachIn the sweet spot–In the Vine,


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