Friendship:  A Lesson From A Dog

Because I have shared so much in the past year on friends and Kingdom “lifer” friends, I seem to get many questions and prayer requests (on my Facebook Page) from hearts who desire godly connections so much.

So, the other day, I thought I’d try and answer those questions by doing a video. Often I turn my i-Phone Video Camera on, and the Holy Spirit simply shows up and BAM…there is a word!

Well, I didn’t get a “BAM” but a “Woof” as I shot this video. I started talking about friendship and here comes three dogs wanting my attention. It actually cracked me up. So…I shared my heart. You have to watch the video to get the full effect!

These are two paragraphs i have written in the past that clearly say what I wanted to express in the video. Basically I believe God desires  to align you with godly connections to help you as you go forward in your destiny.

See if this connects with you:

“I believe that sweet friendships and godly relationships are the much needed foundation for the fullness of God’s gifts to be released where we will see an impact on cities, states, and the nations of this world. From the context of being connected to people who walk in the intentionality of expressing His love is the life source for many to rise to the fullness of their calling. It’s part of being in the Vine, in the sweet spot of life. It’s all about learning the art of loving well with a Father/Mother hearts!”


“Be thankful for those who see the nuts and bolts of your life and still love you. The ones who take the pieces, dust off the rust, dirt, and speak them to where they belong. The ones who speak life to you amidst the process of growing up as a Son or a Daughter of the King. The ones who celebrate who you are becoming rather than who you are not. It’s in this context of Kingdom family that many will rise to reign in life. Who is God calling for you to speak The Father’s Heart to?”


So, be intentional. Trust God for the right kind of connections. Be a good friend. Keep boundaries in place. Find those who will love and celebrate you as you go through the process of life.

You are needed. Someone needs the cadence of your voice, the sweetness of your smile, and the breaker anointing you carry.

By the way, as I write this I realize we are meeting with two families…and both took intentionality to set up a meeting. The first is a new couple we met who are on the way to their destiny as Kingdom shakers. I have no doubt Dave will send them off as they move with much love and prophetic declarations from the Father’s Heart.

The other is a couple who are true “lifer” friends who recently moved to Tennessee. We don’t get to see each other often but when we do…It is as if no time was lost in the sweetness of their relationship. 

You can do this. God is releasing more of His glory on the earth and He is doing it with those who celebrate His Presence alongside Kingdom messengers who love well.

In the Vine…with my dog friends,


PS Share this with a friend as a way to say thanks….


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