In The Sweet Spot:
Experiencing God the Father, Son And Holy Spirit

How do you see, experience, God?

Simple yet profound question, I know.

In the process of believing and having a relationship with God, I have found no greater truth than realizing I can experience Him as Father-God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

I truly find a sweet spot in my life in walking and soaking in this truth.

I share in the excerpt from my Kingdom Academy video how I was slow to experience God as my Father because of an absent dad for most of my life. While my dad was living, he was a great example of Father God, before cancer took him away from me at an early age.

To realize you can experience a greater measure of His Presence is the beginning to understanding your are a spirit having a human experience. You are meant for this sweet spot of truly knowing the voice of God as Father, Jesus, and Holy Spirit.

I’m leading my Kingdom Mentor Group in learning how to know God in a greater way through knowing God’s voice as Father, Son, Holy Spirit and with  “soaking”.

The video above is part of this training.

I believe you are meant to experience more of His Presence and understand you do not have to live a life of anxiety and fear.

Or, you can follow your dreams and visions and understand that God has wired in your very DNA a relationship with Him that sets you up to have the capacity to succeed in that calling.

You are meant to live in the sweet spot of God.

So this week I am leading my group on a “soaking in God” experience.

The ground work to this is understanding God’s love and kindness and how it leads us to a safe place, in repentance.

From the place of forgiving ourself and others, comes a an opportunity to really see God, with the eyes of your heart.

Since I have come to walk in this soaking experience, it has helped me grow in my spirit identity that has all but eliminated fear and worry from my life. It’s help me understand the true sweet spot…in the Vine.

Reminds me of this word He gave me…

Listen To The Vinedresser:

“My child, I hear your cries above the noise of your rattling emotions and treacherous circumstances. No matter where you are in your life, you can always find a home in My Heart, in this garden. In here you can be found in My glory, no matter how feeble and overwhelmed you may feel.

“For in My Vineyard is the only true sweet spot in life. I am your shelter, your safe place. You can always hide your heart in My splendor shadow, full of Holy Spirit dew. You are My beloved. I take good care of lovers of My Presence.

“In this sweet spot you reign with abundance of joy and protection. You live in habitation being taken care of by My supply of unending, unfailing love. Your praise from this spot attracts all my grace and favor. Being in the sweet spot is more of a position of being constantly aware of the Vineyard I planted in your heart.

“Your life in this sweet spot is My poem written to fulfill My purpose in you. As I make your heart sing like a harp, your life becomes a beautiful song to Me. I carefully write each stanza displaying My majestic love. As you listen to My tune, the Holy Spirit and follow His beat, you fulfill your destiny in the Vine, the sweet spot.”

“So you have the opportunity to share this paradise love gift that I placed in your heart every day with others. Forgive. Trust Me. Daily in the sweet spot, in My Presence, you can put away the foxes of fear, and the ox of offense, that want to destroy your garden. 

You can live above the fray of evil around you knowing your heart is secure in My wrap-around presence. “So dear child. My Vineyard is in you!

Abide. No performance, no strive. It really is who you are… in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser


Yes, you can experience the sweet spot in soaking  too. Watch a segment above and join us in this wonderful pursuit in your relationship with God as you come to know Him more as Father, as Son, and as Holy Spirit.

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IN the Vine,


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