Media from May 2015

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In The Vine Moment- Despise Not Small Beginnings


In The Vine Moment: The Little Things To Do Before The Destiny! “Despise not small beginnings…or even little things!” I heard the Lord says this as I was out of town helping my husband paint a house. You see, I was all ready to help him paint and get going with our big project. It […]

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Flashback: An In The Vine Moment

Media Ministry: No Time To Stall In The Sailboat Of Life   (This media ministry was previously written in 2013) I was really grappling with some issues a few days ago regarding being “In THE VINE.” What? Well, let’s get real. Can you relate to this? The old nemesis of fear was trying to wrap it’s […]

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In The Sweet Spot Moment: Enjoy The Process

In The Sweet Spot Moment: Video Ministry   An “In The Sweet Spot Moment” with a thought about the process in growing in your walk as a powerful Kingdom Messenger. No one likes the process when there is pain and delay involved. Can you be ok with the process? Think of a baby learning to […]

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