Be Moved By His Presence

Be moved by His Presence

Be moved by His Presence, not by the outward appearance of your circumstances.

That’s what Holy Spirit dropped on me this morning as I spend some time in His Word after a tremendous time traveling with my husband, releasing the Father’s Heart!

I hear the cries of many as I peruse media outlets as part of the assignment He has put in my DNA. My heart says contend for this media territory. He tells me to not be silent and to cry out for more of Him.

So once again I go to my keyboard to write my heart in an e-mail to you.

Is this you?

Your tired. The dissolutions of your circumstances are many. You are not even sure if God hears. May I encourage you? Don’t lose hope. Hang on to Him. Contend for your dream. He will not leave you in the valley but raise you up to handle your destiny.

One thing you can do friend: Worship. Declare His Promises. Walk by faith and not your emotions. This is not to get anything from God but simply to experience His Presence and receive the fellowship of His Spirit. Make sense?

God says, “Contend for the territory in your life that He has called you to. Cry out for more of Him to come in and transform your life. The birthing process can be painful and messy. Stay connected to Him and watch for My breakthrough in your family, finances, dreams, desires, and destiny.”

Sometimes your ambition gets nipped. It’s not to destroy you but perfect you amidst the process of His assignment for you. What may feel like a valley is the heart training ground to learn the tender love of your Father, and learn the joy of obeying His voice. The secret is the secret place found entwined in the Vine listening to the Vinedresser.YouMeCoffeeLets Talk Breakthrough

You are not forgotten. You are not invisible. Find the joy of who you are in the Father’s Heart….in the secret place, in the Vine!

Hear is a “inthevine” prayer for you. You can personalize it, add to it, and simply make it your own!

“Lord, I thank You that Your Presence is tangible. You allow me to experience Your peace and warmth as an embrace. Permeate me with the fragrance of Your Love throughout this day. As you saturate me in wave after wave of Your Love, help me to splash that on to others, from my family to strangers… May my day be an offering of worship. May my heart be an altar as I cling to You, in The Vine, in the sweet spot of your grace. May I often be found seeking more of your Presence. Thank you for the fellowship I receive in Holy Spirit. I love you God. I trust you as I put away striving and focus on abiding…in The Vine.”

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I believe the Holy Spirit has dropped some revelation that has tremendous value. I am getting testimonies of how this teaching has helped so many.

Bottom line, if I had time to spend a day with you at my kitchen table, this is one thing I’d talk about.

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In the Vine,


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