Loving Your Soul With Podcast #17

Have you ever thought about the importance of loving your soul. You may think, “Oh come on Theresa, ‘He must increase. I must decrease…’”

Well, you can actually stuff your soul in a box and wreak the havoc with messed up emotions. I’ve done that for years so I can speak from experience. So it makes me real excited to share some of the revelation God has given me on this.

What do I really mean by loving your soul?

The answer to that, loving your soul, can be found in context with the greatest commandment of all where Jesus said.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart..

“30 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your strength.’ This is the first commandment. 31 And the second, like it, is this: ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no other commandment greater than these.” Mark 12:30-31 NKJ

Let’s get real. Think about this. How CAN YOU love your neighbor well, if you are not taking care of your soul?

Soul health. It produces emotional health.

One key of being able to do that is found in declarations. Declare who you are in Him. That you are a carrier of His glory. You are His much loved son, His much loved daughter.

Declarations is one real way to be able to have soul health. (I share two others in the podcast featured here. Click audio on bottom of page).

Holy Spirit has been speaking to me about this for about a year. I realized for so long I had stuffed my soul in the ground. This produced fertile soil for the wrong kind of fruit in the garden of my heart..Fear dominated with its fruit of anxiety and worry. Ugly fruit. Emotional wrecked fruit.

You don’t want that.

So, this is my clue. Love your neighbor AS YOU LOVE YOURSELF.

So, what is something that makes your soul sigh and your heart feels happy?

For me…spending time with my husband just hanging out. I realize I can trust my soul in the embrace of intimacy with Jesus to enjoy activities that are not necessarily “spiritual”.

For example, lately my husband and I have watched television series on Netflix. We had gone a good four years without television for various reasons. But in the past few months we have found such great connection with each other, even as we watch NCIS! We’ll see the Father’s heart displayed in scenes and give each other high fives. This and various other “coming out of the box” activities of loving my soul has tremendously helped my connection with my main man, my husband.

Another soul love for me is spending time with Kingdom friends. Going out to dinner with other couples, or simply having a cup of coffee with a good friend. This makes my heart so happy and my soul feels like it hums connecting with the “hum” of heaven.

What I mean by this hum is it’s that feeling, like after your first sip of coffee in the morning… Or it’s the feeling of laying down to take a nap…or…(you fill in the blank. ) What makes you sigh in contentment, and it does not have to be something spiritual, but something your body and soul rejoice to experience?

I did write a Vinedresser word. I think it’s a tad scattered all over the place type of Word. But that’s ok. I’m not into perfection. I’m in to being me. The me God made me. I’m stepping out with no apologies. I’m loving my soul.

Declaration: Soul, you are beautiful, masterly crafted by your God with mass amounts of love. I can trust that my spirit hears my Vinedresser and I am safe in that embrace. I will no longer punish my soul and keep it imprisoned by my body. I am going after the hum of heaven, joyfully expressing my new life in Christ.

Listen To The Vinedresser

“I’ve got you dear one. I am not trying to kill you. I am healing your soul so you can come into unity with My Spirit. I long to satisfy you fully and bring you back to life. Take your soul out of the box you stuffed it in. Say goodbye to the rotten fruit of fear with its anxiety, judgement, and death to your dreams.

“Your soul is being healed from wounds from sharp arrows of hurt from your past. Your life is no longer driven  by fear or rejection. You are spirit driven by Me.

“I see you child as my precious daughter (son). I see you as hand picked by Me to be like my servant Joseph, who was not only the hero of His family, but also a deliverer of many nations.. You are My Kingdom messenger who I love completely, not by what you do, but simply for who you are.

“I made you kind, patient, thoughtful, sensitive, sincere, full of self-control and wisdom as you radiate My Glory. You carry well My Presence to others splashing out My deep love for everyone you meet.

“You hear My Spirit well as you rest in the Secret Place. Your life is a display of My love, revealing jewels of revelation, hope, and peace to others.

“You are being put completely together, body, soul, and spirit, to be a breath of fresh air to the Body, impacting your family and your friends. Your soul is coming alive in true healing as I connect your heart with friends who sharpen you as you sharpen them.

You can rejoice as you are completely attuned to My Spirit.

“You are a much loved daughter, a much loved son of the King. I am releasing more of My favor on you each day as i raise you up, watch over every step you make, and perfect your soul in my love. You are made in My image with My identity in you. In your spirit identity, you are free to live righteously, love fiercely, and shine with My Glory.

“It’s who you are…No strive, simply abide, in the Vine.”

Love The Vinedresser …. (lover of your soul)

Love yourself. Take some time in the Word, reading for revelation not information. Soak in the Holy Spirit. Make declarations.
Allow God’s Spirit and yours, which are now one, to heal your soul so you can easily hear the hum of heaven.

In the sweet spot, In the Vine,


PS Click below to listen to the full podcast of this subject, loving your soul.

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