Listen To The Vinedresser: A Sea Of Trouble Raging

A word from the Vinedresser came to me one morning as I was looking at this picture above from my daughter’s dear friend, Abby. As I looked at this picture I was praying for various friends who had different struggles going on in their lives. One was dealing with trouble in her marriage while another was overloaded with work and no rest.

What is your sea of trouble raging in your heart today?

I asked God what you may need to give you hope. As I pulled the pages back from numerous scriptures from the Psalms, He spoke with a declaration and a faithful word as the Vinedresser, the Father, the Caretaker of your heart.

May I share it? 

Ok….get a pen and write this declaration down:

I have strength in God to endure any overload on me trying to take me out of the vineyard, whether it’s from work or family issues!

Listen to the Vinedresser:

I see you My child. The wear and tear from your daily struggles is wearing you down. Sea storms are up. Yes, I see them wild and roaring with thunderous breakers throwing you head first into the sand. I am stronger than wild sea storms child. Mightier than these sea storm breakers.  
“Will you float while I carry you now. That means come to Me with all your cares and demands from others and be robed with My Presence. In that quiet place in the Vineyard I will show you My Face, reveal my tenderness in love, and manifest a true strength to fill you with hope. 

“I see you Child, from sky to sea ever ready to pull you out of the ocean of overload and turmoil. The waves are not stronger than Me. I rule surging with strength from My Vineyard ever ready to come to the rescue of one of my lovers. Walk with Me now. Keep in step as I steady you with My Word of promises, my everlasting love for you, in the Vine.

Love the Vinedresser

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I see you riding the wave. Head first in the wind with a grin knowing He has you every step of the way. 

Peace to your heart!



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