teacupListening To The Vinedresser Amidst The Process

Life throws you a curveball and you are reeling with emotions. Maybe you found out someone was talking about you behind your back. Maybe it was a disagreement with a spouse or friend. Or maybe your child just told you he hated you.

How do you deal with the emotions?

Some times you have to process by worship through difficult situations in your life. I see my 17 year old daughter do that more as she grows in her intimacy with Jesus. She may come to me with a circumstance that is really doing a number on her heart. I’ll simply ask her, “Have you worshipped through on that Anna”?

Ephesians 1:19 tpt

Then there is my husband. He processes through early morning hours of prayer. And I mean early. Many many times he’s up at 3am and 4am while I snooze away praying. He also goes one more step in this by talking out what God is showing him. I’ve learned to be a good listener.

I had a major speed bump recently dealing with feeling total rejection. Just like my daughter and my husband, I had to shift through my emotions. While they sing or pray, I write.
I used to have a journal. After having two boxes full of journals and handwriting I can barely read (yes, my own), I have gone to the keys of a computer. Usually it’s my I-pad connected wirelessly to my logitech keyboard.
So I mused all day through the emotions of a situation where I felt rejected by someone who whom I used to have contact. She was like a mom and a friend wrapped into one.
As my heart soaked it’s open wound in the Word, my fingers began moving on the keyboard. The Vinedresser began to speak to me.
Can I share it? Maybe it might bless you or you have a friend going through a rejection. Please feel free to share it.
So, I open a row of vines in the vineyard of my heart, some with grapes, some with branches that have recently been pruned, as I share this with you:
Listen to the Vinedresser,
“Dear precious child of mine. Let my love nourish your heart. Bring your raging emotions to me. The pit you feel in your stomach is not from My garden. The rejection you experienced  is only a speed bump in the pathway I have set before you. I call you My intimate friend. My overflowing love will never disappoint.
“My tender love handles your fragile heart as a priceless tea cup. Even if the cup is carelessly handled or dropped and scatters into countless pieces, I am here to gently clean each fragmented piece and mold it with mercy and compassion back together.  I am near. Lean into Me. When you come into My garden, the anointing of My Presence will satisfy you and heal your crushed heart.
“I also have other Vines, other connections around you, who speak My Kingdom revelation to aide you in your journey of love. You are never deserted or alone  dear one. I have a grip on your life and My Presence is always here…in the garden. Abide. Soak. Be strengthened in My love.”
Love the Vinedresser
You may have hit a speed bump called rejection, or financial loss, or sickness. Your heart is tender. God wants you to lean into Him. As you do, you will find a love that never disappoints, a Savior who heals, as you walk in sweet intimacy with Him…. More from my free book http://InTheSweetVine.com
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