Listen To The Vinedresser: What You Believe About Yourself Will Launch You

I was feeling discontent the other day. Can’t say that happens very often so it was disturbing to me.

After taking a Sunday nap followed by eating my momma’s cheer me up snack (peanut butter, home made jam on a graham cracker), I felt like I could do some business with God and face the music.grapesondavevinesblogpost

It was quite simple. I was allowing some circumstances to dictate my feelings about myself in regards to my past, my work and some personal issues. My mind was under assault by the enemy of my heart. No doubt the battle is the Lord’s. He also gives us some amazing armor with the word and speaking truth to do some fighting ourselves.

Can you relate. So as I remind myself, allow me to use this to encourage you. 

Your identity should create your experience here. God is calling you to believe His Word and promises over your life. What you believe about your past will bind you. What you believe about who you are in the Vine, will launch you.

Start today to declaring His promises over your life.

Who are you?

You are His Messenger meant to live in the sweet spot.. in the Vine.

Get a pen and paper and write this declaration down!

DECLARATION: I am not who my past or my circumstances says about me. I am who He says I am. 

Listen to the Vinedresser

“Dear child. I see you struggling in your mind as you get trapped by the negative chatter going on in your head. You are joined with Me  in the Vine. View yourself as living daily, dead to the past and alive in the Vine.

“You are now My pleasure ready to be used for My purpose.  I am calling you believe what I say about you not what your past says. You are not in lack. You are in training to handle more finances. You are not stuck. You are in My process to soar. You are not sick but in transition to complete health.You are not what your past says.

“You are royalty crowned with a tender kiss from Me.  I have designed you to live in this sweet spot as I gently care for you to reign in life by My grace. Remember this dear child. Sin and your past will not conquer you, for I already have….in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

If you enjoy these declarations and words from the Vinedresser, I share a mini-devotional complimentary at http://InTheVineDevotional.com

The prophetic word on your life may be laughable to those whose minds are landlocked.

Your identity is not shaped by who you were but who you are in the Vine. Let them laugh. You can rejoice and trust His promises over your life!!

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