Listen To Vinedresser Audio Sample-Podcast 16

So, I have a favor to ask. I started the process of making my book, Listen To The Vinedresser, into an audio book.

You’d think with 15 plus years in radio that this would be a cake walk.

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Not so. I seem to be a tad unsure, so will you listen to Chapter 1? I have made it into a video and it’s on my podcast #16.

This Chapter and word from the Vinedresser has to do with this Chapter, called The Yes Of God.

You know God’s yes is a sure thing as stated in 2 Corinithians 1:20, “For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.”

What about your yes?

Your yes plays a key role as you walk in your spirit identity to receive every promise of God by faith. When it connects you are fully aligned in your identity and can walk spirit driven.

If a promise doesn’t manifest, continue with your yes by walking in faith. I know at times you are sick and tired of being…sick and tired. You can beat the overwhelm you feel that drains you of energy with this active yes back to God.

This is one huge shift when you actually start to BELIEVE God’s YES over your life. This yes to God enables you to have a inner unity as the spirit of your mind believes what God’s Word says and that in turn reaches your conscious mind. Next thing you know that “yes” to God helps your emotions to line up with your belief system.

This Vinedresser Word says it best. Can I read it over you? Click above on the video or below on the podcast. Let’s start with a declaration.

Declaration: “I am saying yes to God. I am chosen and dearly loved by Him. He chooses Me! He has a purpose for my life.”

Close your eyes and listen…

Listen to the Vinedresser:
“I hear your yes child. I see your heart that says you are sick and tired of being sick and tired. Just as I hold the clouds in their place in the sky so I hold your worn heart. It’s not too heavy for Me. You can do this. You can take that step to forget the haunting past or even the painful mishap that happened just days ago.”

“Your yes to Me activates grace, breakthrough, and favor. It’s not a doing thing but being. Your yes to Me says you really know who you are in Me, in the Vine!”

“So I really do hear your trembling voice say yes. It may feel like a shallow echo in your soul but it is a thundering, cloud-ripping roar in heaven. Your yes makes my angels stand at attention to move and minister on your behalf. Your yes tears asunder the bars of a prison you may be in…whether it be real or a prison of your own making.”

“Your yes is sweet as a grape on the Vine to My ears as I drink the wine of your devotion. So say it again child. Say yes to Me. And watch every yes turn into a breakthrough of my bountiful favor, a bundle of provision, and a peaceful entrance into deeper intimacy with Me. Your yes aligns My purpose for you. It’s all meant for you, your destiny by design in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser”

Excerpt From: THERESA M CROFT. “LISTEN TO THE VINEDRESSER.” On Amazon and iBooks.

I realized the power of God to impart a word as I’d often find a Vinedresser word for someone who was being ministered to by my husband as they’d find a safe refuge at “The Croft Cottage”. As Dave imparted the Father’s heart, I’d pray for a Vinedresser word for them.

I’ve seen many a heart light up like a Christmas Tree as Holy Spirit gave the gift of His Presence through the word.

I’ll be sure to let you know when the audio will be released. Have to go back into my closet (great acoustics) and finish it before Christmas.

Hey, thank you. Thank you for saying a big yes to me when you open these e-mails and click over to the blog.

It means a ton to me. I really appreciate you. Your love and support rocks my world.

I keep you in my prayers.

In the sweet spot…in the Vine,


PS I read your comments here and over at my blog. Tell me what you think ok?

This book makes a great Christmas present. Available on Amazon at

Listen To Chapter 1 in the Audio below!

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