Leaving A Legacy

As I sit here back in Atlanta, nursing a cup of coffee and enjoying the company with Dave and William in the Croft Cottage, I reflect on a week with my mom and family. My thoughts were actually caught on social media this week.

I thought I’d share some with you! You are family!

May 16th:

I’m leaving. I’m leaving the big ATL. As I drink my overpriced water my heart is full. These three gems taking me to the airport bless my heart but sad they can’t come with me to see the Schreck (“ogre”) side of family. I’m headed to Seattle to celebrate my mom’s birthday with my four brothers.

Except for Mike, the kids favorite uncle and the only one on social media, I have not seen these brothers in a long time. The disconnect does not bother me. Maybe it should. We all have gone on with our married lives. Me on the East… all of them on the West coast of Washington and Oregon.

So while I am excited to see other family and friends, I have no doubt my heart belongs to Georgia. The way I look at it is instead of being upset by no real connection with my brothers, God has more than made up for it with brothers and sisters in community with Bethel Atlanta. So as someone plays a guitar behind me while waiting for my plane to leave, I’ll go on in the tune of my spirit. I am a spirit being having a human experience.

As my soul lines up with my spirit, no soul wounds can drag me down. In this unity I find only peace and thankfulness for family, legacy, and Kingdom grace! Love your family well. Be intentional to add to that family real friends who love and celebrate who you are, not guilt you for who you are not! #spiritidentity #spiritsoulunity

These Hands

leaving a legacy

May 18th:

My mom turns 80 this Friday. One thing I always remember as a child is looking at her hands. I thought about this as I visit her here in Seattle. After all these years…. Her hands continue to hold the keys to her kindness and compassion: The Bible, Oswald Chambers devotional, and the hand of a friend.

I have her hands… literally with the same veins showing. May I figuratively continue the legacy of her hands holding the Word in my heart with Words of declarations close as I reach out and touch those around me with the love and grace of Jesus!


Family Memory: Crawfish Lake


May 18th: Totally throw back!
My favorite happy place in a cabin fishing and catching crawfish! Life was fun and easy. Lots of laughter from Mom and Dad. Lots of companionship with Mike, David, Joe, Tim…. Crawfish lake is located in upper Washington Okanagan Forrest. Some seasons there were Bears even… No fear moments of seeing a bear while fishing by myself.

Eating amazing meals every night that mom cooked. Laughing at my brothers squeal over the mice who hung out with us in the cabin…And yes, those midnight runs to the outhouse cause I didn’t listen and pee before bedtime! Hah! Best family memories! Thank you Aunt Polly and Uncle Horace for always sharing your cabin with us! Makes me miss my dad. He taught me how to fish here! #2017momnotes

My Brother Mike

leaving a legacy

May 19th:

This guy. My oldest brother. The years I went running with him, through snow and sunshine, and he’d always say…”It’s not too far. It’s not too hard..Theresa!!! And it happened again today taking us through thick trees, over little rivers, up muddy banks, and over huge logs all the while narrating what we were seeing.

He knows more about trees, bushes, and stumps… He walks now to the beat of his own heart… Living his dream away from corporate America to a “hut” on a Northern Washington mountain. Someone needs to make a movie of this guy!

He stops to talk to every person, every dog! I’ve loved spending these last few days with him and my precious momma. Family. Legacy..and walking to the beat of the drum carved into one’s very DNA! #seattletrip2017


Legacy:  My Family

leaving a legacy

May 20th:  The Party!

Seeing so many family and friends. What struck me is two couples that were my mom and dad’s best friends. They were just as much family as blood family. It’s good to have those kind of connections. They are true gifts as they become part of your community, part of your tribe.

This family! My dad’s kids. My mom’s jewels.

Living life by faith always believing the best!

My dad once said:
You don’t worry about tomorrow because you can’t control tomorrow. And you thank the Lord for each day. And if it rains, that’s beautiful. If it’s sunshine, that’s beautiful..”

This is my family. Dave, Mike,Tim, and Joe. My brothers. My gifts!

Your family does not have to be perfect. I know mine is not. Here’s the key. Notice I said there were two couples that went through the babies born, the deaths of loved ones (my dad), and always there to celebrate life with you?

You can do that. Connect. Find your tribe, your community.

“Let him who cannot be alone beware of community. Let him who is not in community beware of being alone.”
Dietrich Bonhoeffer

Stay abiding…

In The Vine,


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