Keys To Community: Interview And Podcast #38

I hear so many cry out for this: Community.

You’re tired of being burned. You hurt from arrows thrown at you.

I’m sorry for this. And understand. That is why I have shared my heart these past few weeks with you.

Continuing from last week’s post about how God will align you with Kingdom connections to find more of Him, I share this excerpt from our community online (Kingdom Mentor/Media Group) with Khatchig Keropian.

Khatchig, who is from Lebanon, has spent the last 11 years in community. No better source to help you understand how you can walk in this, no matter where you find yourself right now.

Elise, Khatchig’s wife, and me hanging out in the back seat on our way to Bethel Atlanta School Of The Supernatural!

One of the basic themes that Khatchig shares is walking in a spirit of love, not fear.

Other keys to community that Khatchig mentions involved being intentional, investing, and eating food!

Serious. Click here to watch this video!!

Some of the best times of community are around a table eating a good meal enjoying with laughter and serious talks.
Just this year, Dave and I have been asked to lead a “Life Groups” at our home where we invite new people (and old friends) into our home for fellowship.

Dave has a great thought that is a definite key to community. It is another layer to this idea of doing life with “Kingdom family”. Dave challenges this home group by saying:

“Find three friends you can call on for help no matter the time or day.”

This concept involves finding three people you can connect to for accountability or who will have your back in prayer. Three friends who will speak life into your heart as you walk in a covenant relationship of trust with each other.

If you have been burned in a relationship, you will have to walk in forgiveness to establish this layer in community.

I realize many of you are so passionate about this yet see no community around you.

So, may I encourage you with this word from the Vinedresser.

Declaration: I trust you Lord to align me with friends who carry the same Kingdom mandate of bringing the Kingdom of radical love to earth seeing lives transformed.

Listen to the Vinedresser

“Dear child, I understand when hope’s dream seem to drag on and the delay for real connections and restored relationships seem no where to be found. I am here dear one. Put your arms up and let me pick you up and hold you as your heart aches from a stone throne, an arrow shot, or a word that bruised.

“Hand over this pain that has shattered your heart. Forgive and release those who have hurt you.
Allow the beats of my heart to remind you I am close even when you feel lost in the coldness of isolation or crushed by betrayal in a relationship. Let me pull the arrows out and pour the oil of My spirit in that gaping wound. The process may seem like it is slow but know the timetable is in My Hand.

“I am all about restoration, connection, and validation. As you receive the first connection in an intimate relationship with Me, there lies the fulfillment for your heart’s longings. Find it with Me first. Stay clinging. Keep hoping and believing.

“I am about relationship Child, not control or performance. This is not an inconvenience, but the foremost intentionality of my Heart for you.

“Now as I set you down, let’s dance. In the rhythm of grace I put a song back in your heart. Stay in motion to the sweet tune of My overflowing love. You will find your real love in Me. Yes, this can be a slow dance at first as you learn to hear the beat of My heart in tenderness for you. When you are ready, you can twirl and dance like David danced.

“Look dear one! As the healing comes in your own heart, look for those gems in friends I bring across your path. From the overflow of your first love with Me, connections will come. It’s how I designed you, being connected to Me, in the Vine.
Love the Vinedresser
From Volume 2 Of Listen To the Vinedresser (Coming soon)

So yes, my heart beats and prays this for you. Click here and listen to this powerful excerpt from our Kingdom Mentor Community.

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Stay abiding amidst the process friend…

In The Vine,


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