Four Keys To Breakthrough In The Vine

I have been reading a lot of prayer requests about breakthrough lately. So many people ready to see the shift and the upgrade in their health, relationships, and finances.

As I pondered this I asked Holy Spirit to show me some keys to aide the process of really walking in breakthrough.

You can click on the vide above as I share these principles but basically they revolve around these four points.

1) Identity. You have to know who you are…yes who you are in the Vine, as I often say. The beginning of this shift comes as you open the eyes of your heart and begin to understand in your spirit that you are a Son (no gender really…ok..a Daughter). When that gets in your spirit it shifts to your mind and you can start believing what He says about you.
“I have been crucified with Christ. It is no longer I who lives but CHRIST IN ME../“ Gal 2:20

When God looks at you He sees Jesus. Since you are in Christ, all your problems are in Christ. So because you are a King you get to address your problems as an opportunity to experience a promise of God with provision.

Finding out your identity of who you are is one life long journey worth the taking. Having His “liquid love” pour into your heart from the Holy Spirit is the start of understanding you can walk from the place of your inheritance from God. The beginning point is simply repentance. The washing of His Word cleanses the places in your heart of self. The blood doesn’t just cover but uplifts and refreshes you. Here is a key… When you are brought into the King’s chamber and stand in His Presence, He says you are “lovely”.

“He knows all about me and still loves me?” This is a cry of an awakened heart.

[The Shulamite]
“I feel as dark and dry as the desert tents

Of the wandering nomads.
[The Shepherd-King]
Yet you are so lovely—
Like the fine linen tapestry
Hanging in the Holy Place.” (Song of Songs 1:5 tpt)

2) Purpose. As you come to walk in your true identity, you come to believe and know your life has purpose. You find you don’t have to live life by default but by divine design. You stop saying.. “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired.” Or other negative self talk… You realize you are not just on this earth to survive and get by but to thrive…as a Son/daughter to a good Father who loves you and has abundant life. He designed you and put amazing gifts and talents in your very DNA…that you really enjoy doing!!

3) Destiny. I like to call this step being in the “sweet spot”. Your destiny does not depend on what’s in your bank account or what’s happened in your past. It is all about walking out that identity with divine purpose. Yes, this step really takes you back to step one, identity. The blessing of knowing your identity brings the (1)

Key note: Your destiny is not about performing. No need to have an orphan spirit that always is striving to get needs met through performance, fear or control. Your destiny happens as you come from a place of victory, which is really rest.

This is where the thought “to abide, don’t strive” comes from when I write about living the Vineyard of God’s love. It’s in His care, knowing who you are, and walking in your God given purpose, that you truly experience the blessings of His peace, provision, and restoration. You become the breakthrough. You become the change. You become the one with the breaker anointing…

4) Resources. Since you know who you are you can freely ask what you need. “Your Poppa loves you!” You can ask out of your identity with confidence. Whatever God calls you to has money attached to it. Is there a catch? Well, since God always speaks to your identity He is going to show you how to be a good giver. This is not a plant a seed reap a harvest mentality. It’s giving as knowing all of it really belongs to Him.

You might have to chew on that for a while…. I’ll have to have my husband share our story of hearing the call to move, selling our house, and eventually becoming debt free to help with this point.

For now? Let our breakthrough be your breakthrough.

For now? Let’s listen… 

Listen to the Vinedresser

Lay your hope and dreams and deepest desires down here for now in My garden. Let Me tend to your heart. I will plant you in the soil of My Presence. Deep down in what seems like a dark place is the very womb of birthing the fruitful Vine which I have attached you to, for what I have made you to be. This place in My garden will not suffocate you but nourish you for what I have planned for your life. Drink in the rain that gently falls on you. In this intimate place you experience My kindness in My wrap around presence.

This is the realm of My Kingdom that few see. In the soil comes the identity of who you belong to. You are My branch. You Child have pursued My Heart above all earthly treasures. Because you have walked with Me along My paths of integrity, you will never lack what you need.

Abide now child. No need to strive. Your day of destiny is perfectly planned as I hover over you with My mercy, and peace. Fruit of your faithfulness will be blooming soon . It may seem darkest before the breakthrough. but I am here, brighter than the brilliance of a sunrise. I will keep raining down blessing after blessing, and prosperity wiill drench the land of the harvest I have prepared. Stay clinging to Me. My presence is the womb of your breakthrough!

Love the Vinedresser

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