It’s Your Turn Now

It’s your turn now. Yes, I said it’s your turn for breakthrough, shifts, and healing.


Watch How You Can Shift The Atmosphere

It’s a prophetic word in the air from the Heart of God, your Father. Whether you hear “shift” or “bridge”, it’s time for God’s Sons and Daughters to arise and get ready for His move. He is working in the lives who have so faithfully stayed “in the vine”, in intimate contact with God.

As I wrote last week…I do understand how it can feel like you are hitting your head against the same wall that separates you from your hopes and dreams. I’m sorry the pain can be so intense at times that you feel there is no hope or your are just flat tired.

I also know that God is so for you. You are the shift to the atmosphere! It is your time. (Click here to watch the video about this truth for you!)

I’ve been working on a video series for breakthrough..called The Place Of Breakthrough. Can’t wait to release that.

But until then, I wanted to share something that the Holy Spirit dropped into my heart after seeing a shift in healing with my son-in-law in a hospital room. It’s something that God is doing in many hearts like yours to see the results you desire in your marriage, your children, and yes, even in your finances.

Holy Spirit said being a changer of atmospheres comes first in your own home. Yes, right around the people you live with and experience life with—friction and all.

Click here to read or watch about those three steps and how you can activate more of the Kingdom of Heaven right where you are now!

Besides, it really is your turn.

In the Vine,




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