In The Sweet Spot:  Find It In His Presence

What does it mean to live in His Presence and make it mean you are living in the sweet spot?

It has everything to do with where you are now and the message God is forming in you through the situations your are facing.

I know one thing.

You have the desire to pursue Him. You have the complete love to follow Him. You despise traditions of men and religion. You are the one God will use to change the world!

You are His Kingdom Messengerabbyriver

God has put you through the process to make you a carrier of His glory. As you walk by His power and continue in an intimate relationship with Him you also become a touchstone for favor which makes a mark with everyone you come in contact. It’s a mark that is NOT ABOUT US, but about Him and His Kingdom.

Check out the video above as I share some simple nuggets of truth to help you be one of the “extreme ones” making a difference with your message for “The Extreme One”, Jesus.

I hope you will be encouraged that your consistent love for God and your heart to be about His purpose in your message is worth the fight to stay in the sweet spot of His Presence. He loves you and arms you with His Might and His LOVE to tear down strongholds.

As Bill Johnson states:  “You are uniquely positioned in this world because of the cry of other people. His favor rests upon you so you can be a part of His plan of distributing that same favor to others…God often chooses people knowing that they are the key to touching other people’s lives.”

Someone needs you to bring His Presence, the only real “sweet spot”, to them today.

Will you walk In The Vine and be that one person today? It’s who you are….. a messenger living in the sweet spot.

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