Get lost in Me child

The Intentionality of God, The Vinedresser

During the worship at church yesterday three words were dropped into my heart by Holy Spirit: 


The intentionality of God. What was God saying?

I looked up the definition of intentionality.

The fact of being deliberate or purposive.
the quality of mental states (e.g., thoughts, beliefs, desires, hopes) that consists in their being directed toward some object or state of affairs.

I knew God was trying to say this was a word that someone needed to get over the doubts that past wounds had caused in their life. I felt someone was on the verge of a breakthrough but did not even know it.

I thought of you. If it clicks with you, thank the Holy Spirit. If not, maybe a friend of yours needs this short word.

In the Words of the Vinedresser:
“Beloved, I desire for you to know my intentionality toward you. That I am purposely for you with My tender thoughts and exceedingly great plans for your life. Come with me deeper into My Presence. I have new territory in this garden for you to explore and experience as a laid down lover of Mine.

“I desire for you to walk in the newness of mind where you see with your heart. From this humble position you will defeat the spirit of fear that wants to take you out, the spirit of poverty that leaves you wanting, and the spirit of confusion which leaves you lost.

“Get lost in Me child and find that my intentions for you, are for what your heart craves: Connection. Purpose. Peace. Breakthroughs.
“Allow me to gently pull the arrows of offense, setbacks, and poison fear from your heart. Arrows that came from those you thought you could trust. Instead you are left with a ravaged heart and wounds that will not heal.

“I will be gentle in pulling them out as you lean into Me. Once removed, I have my liquid love to pour into you, that not only takes the biting sting away but makes you beautifully whole. The scar will be your trophy reminder of my love to share with others to lead them to Me in the Vineyard, in their journey.

“These are My thoughts toward you, dear child. In my intentionality for greater territory for your spirit to dwell deeper in My Presence is the beginning of eradicating a belief system based on a soul wound view in your past. I’m enlarging your heart to see my belief for you. When you experience this…Speak it. Share it. Watch it change the negative rattle in your head. Your faith will sing in the dark. My love will continually bring you light.

“Come away now dear one. No strive, simply abide…in the Vine.”

Love The Vinedresser.

May His Presence be your peace this week.

In the Vine,



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