Identity Check

I was so challenged and struck by this paragraph in an e-mail from one of my mentors in Seattle. I share more how this was also an identity check in the video above.

“I truly believe that when ministry, activity, rituals and rites, praise and worship, or companion groups—even prayer—get in the way of soaking in the Word, seeking revelation as to what God means in it and how He would have it applied, the church and the believer will lose ground. All those things should be the issue of the Living Word’s constitution in us.”–Joann Decker

Here was an identity check for me. And it pierced my heart in a good way. I seem to be more busy with school (BASSM), going to worship nights, doing outreach and many other activities that I find it easy to not read as much as usual in the Word.

So, one Saturday, I opened my Bible (not on my i-Pad) and simply soaked. If you are a techie like me, sometimes there is nothing like HOLDING your open Bible.identity-check

I love how the breeze of the Holy Spirit blew upon my heart as well on the golden leaves outside my window making them flutter. Life flows from the wine of the Vine with revelation as you lean in to hear His Voice.

The best way I know to really get a cup full is to simply ask the Holy Spirit to help you receive from Him and be intentional to dig deep allowing the Word to cultivate and fertilize the garden of your heart.

So I drank. And God talked. This is one thought impressed deep down in the well of my spirit:

In our freedom to this Kingdom walk with all the excitement over the super natural, we must not stray from the foundation, The Word Of God!

The Word contains the power to create, change, and build.

The Scriptures are the roots to keep us growing. It is our foundation. If the root system is weak or lacks strength, we will start to see messes manifest on the surface.

rootswordThe power to be a Kingdom people walking out His Presence is in the Word of God!

Then my son and daughter were talking about this quote about Trees.

“Trees are able to communicate with each other through an underground network known as the “wood-wide-web.’ This system allows trees to loan sugar to neighboring trees, send warning signals about injury or disease, nurture their own offspring, and donate resources to conserve the forest.” Suzanne Simard

I found the video on the web (Ted Talk) and was so intrigued by a correlation between a forest and the Body of Christ.

Check this out:

“Forests aren’t simply collections of trees, they’re complex systems with hubs and networks that overlap and connect trees and allow them to communicate, and they provide avenues for feedbacks and adaptation, and this makes the forest resilient. That’s because there are many hub trees and many overlapping networks.the-scriptures-are-the-roots-to-keep-us-growing-it-is-our-foundation-1

“But they’re also vulnerable, vulnerable not only to natural disturbances like bark beetles that preferentially attack big old trees but high-grade logging and clear-cut logging. You see, you can take out one or two hub trees, but there comes a tipping point, because hub trees are not unlike rivets in an airplane. You can take out one or two and the plane still flies, but you take out one too many, or maybe that one holding on the wings, and the whole system collapses…” (Suzanne Simard)

So, two days later I was hit with more Scripture from the Song of Songs that I know is about you.

You are the forerunner Kingdom messenger handling His Word with power!

Here, in these verses, I see you carrying the breaker anointing as you have allowed Jesus to heal you and cover your heart in areas of vulnerability. As you can see in verse nine as your Bridegroom King states:

“We will build a tower of redemption
To protect her.
Since she is vulnerable,” (Song of Songs 8:9 tpt)

Not only do you receive from your Father God during your vulnerable times when your heart and emotions need protection, but also from the divine connections God lines up around you. It might be from members of your own family (like the Shulamite’s brothers), or true dear friends, those people who speak the Word over you. Ask God for these kind of friends.

Then watch as the breakthrough happens on the inside of you..the healing..emotional health comes..the total transformation in knowing who you are. Your identity shifts from your intimacy with God…And then…You become the messenger able to walk out the Kingdom of God where salvations, healing, and deliverance becomes the norm.

identity check

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Ponder this in these verses friend. Here lies an identity check for you.

“But now I have grown and become a bride,
And my love for Him has made me
A tower of passion and
Contentment for my Beloved.
I am now a firm wall of protection for others,
Guarding them from harm.
This is how He sees me—
I am the one who brings Him bliss,
Finding favor in His eyes.
My Bridegroom-King has a vineyard of love
Made from a multitude of followers.
His caretakers of this vineyard.
Have given my Beloved their best.
But as for my own vineyard of love,
I give it all to You forever.
And I will give double honor
To those who serve my Beloved
And have watched over my soul.
My Beloved, one with me in my garden,
How marvelous
That my friends, the brides-to-be,
Now hear Your voice and song.
Let me now hear it again!”
Song of Songs 8:10b-13 TPT

I share  a few more thoughts about this in the video above or on the iKings Podcast below.

Finally, I leave you with this quote from Leif Hetand’s book, “Healing The Orphan Spirit”:

“How many life-changing sermons can you hear in one year? The Holy Spirit is shaking the pulpit entertainment system.  He is replacing it with men (and women) who are willing to teach the meat of the Word, that will allow people an opportunity to digest it, and work through it and flesh it out to produce change.” 

God has you covered friend. May your roots go deep from feasting on His Word.

In the sweet spot, In The Vine,


PS I always appreciate when you share your thoughts or share this with a friend. Thank you!


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