Home Runs, Breakthrough, Open Doors And Turnarounds

You are ready for turnaround. I hear you. God gave me some ideas and then…bam. He told me I had to step up and deliver this message.

Something hit me two weeks ago in the Word and I have been simmering in and on the word for two weeks as I lift you up in prayer.

It’s this phrase…

Deepening your friendship with Holy Spirit.

And then this verse..

“Look at how much strength and encouragement you’ve found in your relationship with Jesus, our anointed Messiah! You are filled to overflowing with his comforting love. You have experienced a deepening friendship with the Holy Spirit and have felt his tender care and mercy.”
Phil 2:1 tpt

I can honestly say I have been wrecked by His intimate tender love. And I continue to get overwhelmed by how He continues to show facets of that love through my husband Dave, family and friends…you. My heart cries out to go deeper in My relationship with Holy Spirit, to dine on the wine of HIS REVELATION.

Makes me think of this phrase from the Vinedresser:

“So understand My dear beloved, as I grafted you into the Vine, Christ in you is the Vineyard. Contend and maintain your heart relationship with Me. Don’t allow the foxes of religion, and weeds of fear mess up the garden of your love for me. Watch what I do in your life. You will be My hands and My voice to speak healing as creative miracles will be the norm. Others will feed off the fruit of your Vineyard and be released to their true identity in Me. Walk where I lead with no striving. Simply be found abiding in The Vine, in the garden, in the place of breakthrough.”

So, this is where I am getting personal with you. I have felt the Wind of His Spirit tell me to step up to the plate and swing. Step up and allow the overflow to spill out to those He has called.

I hear you…daily.

You want to know really how to live in the sweet spot in life. You enjoy revelation but you want MORE keys to breakthrough, insight and revelation for yourself. You’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. And you know you hear His voice..…

A Safe Place Online

So I share with you that He’s given me a mission, in the Vine. It’s not an agenda. It’s not about people being an inconvenience. It’s about relationship, starting with Him first and sharing the overflow in an private and more intimate setting.

I would like to invite you to an exclusive mentoring and training program, a safe place online just for you. I will come alongside you and share more in depth videos, live question and answer time with links to a private conference calls, and interviews with some of the most dynamic Kingdom leaders who will have unique gifts to help you live victoriously.

In addition to the mentoring, I will also show you strategic proven methods to spread your message, whether that is Facebook, YouTube, blogging, or whatever your platform is. I will take you by the hand with step by step videos. These will be videos you keep and can watch over and over again. These will have keys to connect your ideal target audience.

You know you are called to spread the DNA of Jesus with your gifting. You are an author, a worship leader, a business person, a life coach, a true Kingdom Messenger and you know now is the time. Turnaround!

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I have an introduction offer available for a limited time. The first 10 who sign up will get my Devotional “Listen To The Vinedresser:  31 Declarations of Who You Are In The Vine”—with a prophetic word inside the cover just for you.

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Kingdom Mentors: Dave and Theresa Croft

This is your time. This is your season. Say goodby to fear and worry and troubling situations. Step up to the plate with me and let’s hit some home-runs together…as family, as friends, and divine connections in a safe place online, in the Vine.

In the sweet spot—in the Vine,


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