Theresa Croft Helps You Build Your Pride To Reign Online

Are You looking to build culture around your business or service that your pride (ideal clients) would LOVE to join in on Facebook?

Hire Theresa Croft to create and propel your social media pages so you can reign online! Lions are very social cats and live in groups called prides. How about you having your own “pride” of loyal followers? With over 24 years of media experience, Theresa has a proven track record with her clients in engagement, shares, and likes on Facebook, in addition to high google search rankings. She can strategically plan a path for your culture/pride and perfect YOUR VOICE to help you engage and profit from your pride tribe (your ideal client) 

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Quick View Of Services:

  • Content Creation Theresa Croft can create for you monthly content creation based on a proven strategy that shares you or your brand’s story which capitulates growth in your pride (culture) and increases conversion. She will do all the posting for you and share the plan of this strategic posting. 
  • DIGITAL MEDIA-Video:  Theresa brings her years of being an expert in video producing to your social plan. This also includes digital media such as graphics and other media such as Instagram and/or Pinterest. Let Theresa create the best digital media plan for your company/service to tell your own “story” that your pride loves all the while increasing your reach and engagement.
  • Data Mining: Theresa will do the research for you to find out who your ideal client is. In the process, she will find out where they are currently connecting on social media, and how you can market to them very inexpensively.
  • Facebook Ad Writing– Theresa’s years of training has given proven results in this key feature to really reign online. She can create rapid growth of your highly targeted clients and customers to your Facebook page. This will also help you increase conversions to your products and services. If you have an event, she can map out a launch a campaign to help you sell more seats.
  • Retargeting Ads-This is a new marketing feature that Theresa has trained to do will get you results. She will set up your retargeting ads so that they market again to any website or current clients you have to your Facebook platform.
  • ConsultationClues about your Pride! Have Theresa share “state of the media” (a video to just your) sharing secrets behind the framework of your media strategy. You will get to see the results and metrics of how you are sharing your voice and your story online. She will also share key facts about your ideal client and the most effective ways to market your product or service to them.For Speaking Engagement Click Here!

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