Are You Healthy In The Vine Of Your Destiny?

When it comes to finding the keys to really be in the “sweet spot”, in THE VINE, sometimes we can get lost amidst the journey.

Have you ever begun something, such as a class or a teaching, and you were so determined to walk out each step? But then life happens, and you cannot even remember where you started?

I’ve been there many times. God in His grace and mercy keeps bringing me back to the basics. The first and greatest basic is this:

“So he answered and said, “ ‘You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, and with all your mind, and ‘your neighbor as yourself.’” Luke 10:27

I have been taking time to go through some revelation steps that the Lord has shared with me so I can continue to prepare to walk where He has called. 

Healthy In The Vine

This step in walking out being in the vine of your destiny, in the sweet spot, is pivotal to your lasting effect as a Messenger. You have to be persistent to be healthy to handle the destiny. That means you will have to exercise your faith, and exercise your body!

I broke down healthy to handle destiny into three sections as I prayed about sharing this. This is what the Lord gave me:

tinateeSound Mind–This kind of exercise is the diligence to stay in the Word, listening to sound Word teaching, and surrounding yourself with people who will celebrate you and not just tolerate you. I cannot tell you how having a few real close friends to speak life over me has impacted my life. I’m blessed to have a Kingdom seeking husband who empowers me daily. And..I’m blessed with a few real close friends who simply “get me.” It’s like we have each other’s back, not just in prayer, but also in speaking truth even if it may hurt. Pray. Ask God for a friend like this!

Sound Emotions–How often do you exercise forgiveness? To truly walk in healing of past soul wounds and even current issues, you must walk in forgiveness. Offense is the quickest way to have your whole body get out of shape and have sickness attack.

daveprofileSound Body–Yes, this means the physical exercise of your body. As I pursued this step, I was amazed by how my NOT drinking enough water was bad for me. I went on a journey of studying and learning about eating right, losing weight, gaining weight, fighting disease, and walking healthy. I must say this is a step that needed my attention. I have also witnessed my husband’s amazing journey to losing weight. He took on Beyond Diet’s plan and has never looked so good.

IN the video above, I share my “Healthy To Handle Destiny” story. I have had three major battles in my life: Battle of the Bulge; Battle of the Clot; and Battle of the Thyroid.

As you will see I did find a solution that kept me from being wiped out completely in my call as a wife, mother, and messenger. I praise God my overall health has turned around and I am back on track to being healthy to handle the destiny as a Life Speaker, Social Media Marketing Consultant and Kingdom Health proponent.

You are needed right now with your message. You do not have to fall for the lies of the enemy, or negative words spoken over you in the past.

It’s time to scatter the chickens and go high to soar as the eagle God has designed.

Are you ready…to prepare…and be true to walking IN THE VINE of your divine destiny?

You can!

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