God Said…He Has The Key

God said…. to speak more prophetic words here and on social media.

Challenging, but yet becoming easier as I surrender to Him.

I believe you can speak and grow in a gift called the prophetic too.

Can I explain and then share a recent word?

So here is one verse from The Passion Translation that helps explain to me how this can be.

“He explained, ‘You’ve been given the intimate experience of insight into the hidden truths and mysteries of the realm of heaven’s kingdom, but they have not. For everyone who listens with an open heart will receive progressively more revelation until he has more than enough. Matt 13:11-12 TPT

So my prayer is to learn the mysteries of the Kingdom, to ask for spirit revelation…straight from God. I don’t want to be in a striving mode with this either. So I ask like a child to my Father…open my eyes dear Lord.

One other key I found the other morning in John 17:10:

“For all who belong to me
Now belong to you.
And all who belong to you
Now belong to me as well,
“And my glory is revealed
Through their surrendered lives.”
John 17:10 tpt

So God’s glory is not revealed in my striving, nor performance. No matter how great I speak or write for Him, this is not what shines.

It is in my surrender to Him…being a laid down lover of Jesus.

From this place of rest, I can live and walk in the design of the very DNA He stamped in my life. So from the everyday chore of doing laundry, to shooting a video, or simply being by my husband’s side speaking life over His messengers, God’s glory can be revealed by simply who I am in the vine.

“For what has been stored up in your hearts will be heard in the overflow of your words!”
Matt 12:34 TPT

So…here is an “overflow” that came to me as I sat in church in Jacksonville Florida last week. I believe this word might be just for you”

God said…..

I see The Lord handing out keys, lots of keys into hands of His much loved sons and daughters. The keys unlock the doors of the high and low places of life.

As you unlock the doors you are bringing a new song, from the very heart of heaven with a cadence rich in beauty and majesty. These songs break chains and open new doors for people bound by addictions, ensnared by greed, and fenced in by offense.

The keys also get you in doors of government, high ranking officials and wealthy men and woman.
You use these keys and every door unlocked you enter bringing the Father’s heart.

You release the tune which produces a domino affect of changed lives and more new songs resounding with sweet and tender sounds from high places in heaven!
He is giving you the keys. The song will come as you unlock the doors in front of you.
Use it on yourself. Unlock your heart and sing! Someone is waiting for you! —June 10, 2017

It was quite exciting later in the day as we were walking the streets of downtown Jacksonville to see a giant key and lock catty-cornerned to the building of a huge old closed church where our friend’s have a vision for to be messengers of hope to that area.

It’s okay to ask how the door will open and where the sound will come.

Simply remember, in the process of abiding comes the opening of doors……in your heart and in your life.

“All the love you need is found in me!”
And the Almighty said,”
The greater your passion for more—
“The greater reward I will give you!”
Psalm 62:12

I’m praying for you!

In the Vine,


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