despise not small beginnings

In The Garden Waiting:  Despise Not Small Beginnings

Despise not small beginnings. Do you hear that word? You may need a reminder that God does not look at the timetable of the world but HIS timing for the completion of circumstances in your life.

“Do not despise these small beginnings,  for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin, to see the plumb line in Zerubbabel’s hand.

Zechariah 4:10

So take heart my dear friend as you wait.

This spilled out from Holy Spirit as He reminded me of this beautiful truth after watching one of my favorite woman of God share on iBethel TV last Sunday.

First…let’s get back to a declaration friend:

Declaration: I will not despise the smallness of where I am. You, Lord, have the perfect timing on my life as my life is in your hands.”

Listen To The Vinedresser

“Beloved, my timetable for the completion of areas of your life is not the World’s timetable. I do not measure time but growth. Take your eyes from looking at the calendar or even the past. Look to Me dear one. I do not measure your success by what is in your bank account or the achievements in your life. Success to Me is seeing you BELIEVE who you are in Me. I look at your tenacious faith and belief in Me as you cling to the Vine here in My garden. Continue to lean in to Me and learn faithfulness, perseverance, wisdom, and more about My majestic love.

“If you let go of Me and try to get off the Vine on your own, you will be a sour grape. Very few people like sour fruit. And it takes so much work to try to accomplish this on your own. Find My joy in enduring as you hear my Voice even more clearly in this quiet place. I can help you be humble in your suffering as you lay everything on the altar and glance My way. That makes My heart leap when I find my laid down lovers doing this.

“Your time for your dreams is coming. You are my treasured servant. Your approval comes not by the flattery of man but by what I think about you. My blessings often come in proportion to the development I have put in you as my warrior. So, despise not what seems like a small beginning. You need not strive and reach for this. I perfect that which concerns Me, here in the garden. You concern me. So no striving. Simply abiding…in The Vine.

Love, the Vinedresser

He has you! Praying for you…

In The Vine,


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