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Freedom In The Vine

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What do you say when you feel you are in the jaws of the enemy? How do you make sense amidst madness of sin out of control, whether its your own or from someone else? 

Can one find any true freedom in the Vine?

That was my question one morning before I headed out with my husband to our School’s retreat at Panama City Beach this past weekend.

Freedom had been on my heart all week as one friend had texted me Tuesday afternoon about desiring complete freedom in some major circumstances in her life. From bassmppbthat text, the Lord lined up amazing words on Freedom all week long right into the weekend at the beach.

On Saturday while at Panama City Beach, we all circled around our Senior Leader Steve and Brent as they shared a prophetic short word over each life getting dunked.  The emotion from each person that came out of the water was priceless. From pure joy with screams to shaking tears, each individual had their own personal encounter with God. Many had their journey in freedom in Christ solidified. 


It is for you. Your life can radically shift and change as you open your heart and ask God to sweep into those areas of pain and shame. He is so gentle to pull out the arrows in your heart, cleanse the wounds, and bring sweet comfort.

God knows your heart too. It is often when you let go with your mind of how something will work out and trust with your heart that your desired breakthrough happens. Believe and trust from your heart….And worship while you wait!

So, with the freedom a beautiful vessel of honor comes forth.

I talk about it in this podcast with a word from the Vinedresser that I the Holy Spirit had just downloaded that morning. I hope you can listen to it.

One thing is for sure, the Word brings so much living hope to guide you as you manage life’s tests and have confidence in times of crisis.

As I was struggling last week with expressing thoughts on freedom, I went into the Vineyard in my heart and asked for Holy Spirit help.

This is what He gave me with a simple declaration.

Get a cup of coffee. Let’s listen together what the Vinedresser said. But first, a declaration:

In the Vine Declaration: Jesus gives me freedom. I can live free from fear because His love conquers me.

Listen to the Vinedresser

“My child, I hear your cry for freedom. It is why My Son never lost sight amidst the litany of hostility in His faithful journey. From the cradle to the cross, He was faithful in His victory walk. Hear Me on this dear one… It was Our joy in the journey of His enduring the cross, despising the shame, to secure your name: My much loved son. My much loved daughter.

“When you grow weary or flagging in your faith, remember this final testimony of true freedom. Let the truth of My Majestic love for you shoot hope straight into your heart. I am your Father and it is My desire to be the freedom for you as you win the race you’re in.

“Now, as My Son sits at My right Hand, your freedom is with us. Walk in wisdom and in discernment as you share this truth. I will empower you and strengthen you from the inside out as I inspire you to always do what’s right. Your freedom in Me will energize and refresh you as you walk in your healing.

“You will pull on heaven bringing hope and shifting atmospheres. My peace will guide you as you walk in confidence amidst tests and trials. You will not be subject to terror. You will rule over fear. Because you have made Me, Your Vinedresser, your confidence in times of crisis, I will keep your heart at rest in every situation.

“Rest now here child, with Me as I wrap you with My Presence here in this garden. Put your boxing gloves down. The fight has been won. No matter what the fools or hecklers from the crowd say, the battle for freedom has been accomplished once and for all on the cross. Here lies true freedom. Terror will never conqueror you for I already have…. with My everlasting love.

“So no strive. Simply abide. In the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

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I am praying for you. I believe in you. 

In the sweet spot–In The Vine,



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