Complimentary Devotional: Listen To The Vinedresser

Do you long to really hear from God what He might say to you concerning your fears, your doubts, your every day struggles of life?

Do you wonder if He has forgotten your dreams…or what your purpose really is for your life?

Does the negative chatter in your brain or around slow you down and get you off track?

Can you really believe the favor and goodness that God has for you right now, regardless of your circumstances?

This complimentary devotional is just for you.listentovinedresserbook

In my recent book, In The Vine: Living By Design In The Sweet Spot, I dive into tough questions like these as I searched out answers from John 15.

As I began to sit in His presence, He began to speak back to me…First with a declaration of who I am in the Vine, in Him…and then He’d speak….as the Vinedresser….

Listen to the Vinedresser:

“I see you My child. The wear and tear from your daily struggles is wearing you down. Sea storms are up. Yes, I see them wild and roaring with thunderous breakers throwing you head first into the sand. I am stronger than wild sea storms child. Mightier than these sea storm breakers.  

“Will you float while I carry you now. That means come to Me with all your cares and demands from others and be robed with My Presence. In that quiet place in the Vineyard I will show you My Face, reveal my tenderness in love, and manifest a true strength to fill you with hope.“I see you Child, from sky to sea ever ready to pull you out of the ocean of overload and turmoil. The waves are not stronger than Me. I rule surging with strength from My Vineyard ever ready to come to the rescue of one of my lovers. Walk with Me now. Keep in step as I steady you with My Word of promises, my everlasting love for you, in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

11836658_852237714860409_4029423061885325952_nListen to more with the sample above in the video! 

Because of the overwhelming response from my Ezine and on comments and shares on Facebook, I decided to compile a sample of these Declarations and the words from the Vinedresser in a mini-devotional…. Listen To The Vinedresser  — 10 Declaration To Living In The Sweet Spot

You are meant to live in the Vine, in the sweet spot no matter what noise or crash is going on around you. When you know your “times” (Psalm 31) are in God’s Hands you have no reason to “wring” your hands worrying about different circumstances around you. He put a purpose in you, and HE KNOWS how to accomplish it.

The waves may seem to be crashing you into the sand. You’re wet and tired. God told me to tell you to try floating. Let Him carry you. Let Him speak to you…in the Vine. Get ready. It’s time to LISTEN to The Vinedresser.

I invite you to learn how you can truly live in the sweet spot, in the Vine, with this complimentary devotional. Submit your name and email now and get instant access to this complimentary devotional!

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