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What happened? Is this really family life in the Vine?

It seemed like just yesterday when I was a tad nervous about taking my newborn baby girl out in a car ride to the airport to greet my mom visiting to see her for the first time.

As my husband Dave drove, my mind whirled with concerns and emotions as we raced down the interstate.

“Ok,” I thought. “She is out in this huge world with all the germs, all the stuff that could potentially hurt her!”

Yes, I had a bit of fear issues no doubt. This was my first time being a mom!

This feeling happened again the other day as we drove to the DMV to take her driving test to get her license. She was a nervous time bomb of emotion. I thought I was being the calm and cool collective mom until she took off with the examiner for her test. The off road part was in my sight for the parallel parking and other tests. 

All of a sudden, I found myself like a parent at a little league sporting event. annacar

“Go forward Anna!” I squealed. “Ok Ok..slow down Anna.” “You can do it baby you can do it!”

I wondered if this is how my parents felt, all nervous and queasy on the inside when I played in junior golf tournaments.

Needless to say, she passed. She nailed it. She rocked it. (Can you tell I’m a proud momma).

With a 94 she became an official Georgia licensed driver! And I became a very reflective parent thinking of all those sweet memories of her as my little girl.

I did wonder why was I so worried. But I realized once a parent always a parent. You want your kids happy, hopeful, saved, and “in the vine” of their own destiny.  It made me remember to keep thanking God for each season in my life. The kids will grow up, so enjoy and love on them now. The tests will come. But God is always there to help you pass them. 

Can you recollect something like this? Do you have a similar story about a child, a career move, or some test in life where God taught you something?

I’d love to hear about it! Facebook me and share.

I hear the car. She said she is off to the bank, going to get gas, and buy a coke for William.

My little girl has become my grown up woman of God!


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