Face-Time With Jesus

Fear is like a freight train that runs merciless over you.
Fear slams you against a brick wall breaking bones of faith and taking your breath away.
Fear stamps out the fire of creativity in you.
Fear makes you believe lies….that God does not care and will not help you.

Fear sucks!

If you have felt any of the above, I hope you will read the rest of this post.

I know I really don’t need to focus on fear, and I don’t think you do either. But I believe you can defeat it and break it off as you walk in the breaker anointing.

Here is one huge fact. You are not subject to evil (fear). It is subject to you. Christ in you is the oil (Holy Spirit) that keeps fear from sticking. You are slick…Holy Spirit slick!!! 

I’ve seen fear raise its ugly head recently. It is why I asked the Holy Spirit to help me personally deal with my own issues that can invade my Face-Time with Jesus and mess with the Holy Spirit technology in my heart. (Fun fact: There is no Hebrew word found for the word “presence”.  In the Psalms, the Hebrew word for it was “face”, hence Face-Time with Jesus!) 

As Leif Hetland says so well in his book, “Healing The Orphan Spirit-The Father Wants His Kids Back”:

We were created for this kind of encounter—face to face….There is nothing on this earth that could satisfy the longing for the Father’s love and embrace.”

Recently, one afternoon, as the fear was doing it’s best to leave it’s foul odor and try to kick me, Holy Spirit lead me to some Scripture which prompted me to write what He was saying. (You can click below for the podcast for more).

Tenderly on my heart as I write this are some families dealing bravely with circumstances that could wipe them out with fear.

Close to home, I have a cousin who’s wife is going through invasive treatment for cancer. This brings back an album of memories for me as I saw my dad battle the nasty beast in my teens to early 20’s. He was brave. He believed God would heal him. As my dad went through chemotherapy and then radiation, his faith never faltered. He NEVER showed signs of fear to his family, although later in life after he passed, I found out he had a few close friends that he leaned on to share his fears.

One thing I did learn from my dad was so simple. Take one day at a time and start the day in the Word. He modeled this all during my young life, before and after the battle with cancer. I have memories of him sitting in this huge green recliner chair reading the Word and praying. He’d pull sheets out of the phone book even and pray for people. I ate my cocoa crispies cereal many a morning observing him before I’d leave for school. 

As I was writing this post, the Lord directed me to Psalm 16. Will you take some time, get a pen, and read that Psalm? Herein are some major truths to beat any lies of the enemy . You can pour out your heart and let the Word of God put out the fires that fear is trying to cause:

face-time with Jesus

“Keep me safe, O God, for I have come to you for refuge…verse 1
“LORD, You alone are my inheritance, my cup of blessing. You guard all that is mine… Verse 5
“I know the LORD is always with me. I will not be shaken, for He is right beside me. Verse 8

The last verses of this Psalm are some of my favorite:

In Your Presence is fullness of joy;
At Your right hand are pleasures forevermore. Psalm 16:11 NKJ

So take the issues that want to smother you with fear and have some Face-Time with Jesus. Keep His Word open in the morning and in your heart through out the day. Not in a striving “I have to do this way”, but in intimacy in relationship with your Poppa God.

Here is a declaration and a Word from your Vinedresser:

Declaration: Every day I can have Face-Time with Jesus. In His Presence my heart stays fixed on His love for me which is a fire hydrant to any flames of fear. In His Presence is fullness of Joy!

Listen To The Vinedresser:

“You tell me the smell of fear is all over the place and your heart feels like it will break. I’m glad you can be so honest dear daughter, dear son. Come on in and sit with me in the Vineyard of your heart where you can feel my embrace. Like a soothing balm I will speak love’s truth to penetrate your fearful heart.

“Dig deep child!  Not in a striving mode but in a resting place. You can hide yourself under the leaves of My PROMISES and abide in My Spirit’s coolness from the dew on the grass. Lie down.  Let the comfort of My love wrap you like a blanket and take away the coldness of fear you feel.

“Look up!  My Spirit reaches to the depth of yours and heaven is united. You pull pools of refreshment from a brook of bliss and the rain of the outpouring splashes out to others. You have authority in Me to speak My peace and alter atmospheres. You are not subject to fear. Fear is subject to you connected here to My Vine!

“Trust Me! You will lack nothing as you walk each day intimately connected to Me, in this Vineyard of your heart. Here lies the rich soil of My Presence to help you grow. I will be generous with My gifts, giving you more than enough…more grace and more glory. Keep walking with integrity and watch Me provide. You will never be in lack as I always have your back.

“It’s a process. It’s a journey. You are mine. Let go and believe your times are in My Hand. So, don’t strive, simply abide, in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser 

It would be so awesome if you shared with a friend or shared on Facebook. So many are battling with fear. Let’s share His Victory for us today. Face-time with Jesus…is happening now.

In the sweet spot, In the Vine,


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