Dreaming With God

Dreaming With God

Did you wake up with a bad dream last night. I woke up the other day with a dream that was so real. God used a familiar face to download an idea in regards to the full release of my book, “In The Vine.” It made me think about dreaming with God and you.

God has stamped in your very DNA a specific purpose with a passion to be secure in the Vine, in the sweet spot of your destiny.

I can remember as a 7 and 8 year old climbing the steps of our home making it my pulpit and preaching to the grass. If there was an empty apple cart, I’d tip it over and be a tent revivalist proclaiming to the rocks and flowers they need to repent and follow Jesus.

I loved microphones. Back then the modern technology was a tape recorder and a mic. I’d sneak my dads recorder into my room and talk into the mic as Walter Cronkite or try to be funny like Carol Burnett.

Give me a mic and I wanted to say something positive. I thrived on it so much that I volunteered to be a “reader” at my local Catholic Church. They had a microphone!

Now some 4 decades later after a 15 plus year stint in Christian radio and still at a mic on my computer, the destiny continues.

You have a purpose. It might be that burning passion or love for something that no matter how you try to ignore it, the dream still burns like an ember in your heart.

Ask God to stir your heart if you feel you lost your vision.

I believe God is raising up His Kingdom people to dream big and setting them apart by the breaker anointing that flows through His Bride. You are part of that remnant! Look for how God moves on your behalf. Give Him glory and watch it bounce off of you to others around you. Keep dreaming, keep trusting! Watch God move on your behalf toward your dreams!

Keep dreaming with God.

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