In The Vine: I Am Not Alone

I was praying the other day and thought this might bless you. It’s part of my 2 Volume Podcast I’m working on with the Vinedresser. It goes along with my book, “In The Vine: Living By Design In The Sweet Spot”

Go read John 15 and then read this! I think it’s for you today!

Here is one declaration you can say right now!

I am not alone.

One great comfort of being in the Vine is that you will never be alone. You can experience the Presence of God each day, no matter where you are. He says He will never leave you nor forsake you.

Listen to the Vinedresser:

“I am here my precious child. Don’t think for a minute I will leave you or even loosen my grip on your life. Soak in My Presence. Let the mist of a morning air refresh your spirit. Listen to the birds singing their praises to Me and reminding you I am near. Let the night time cooing of the doves remind you of My constant love and care.

Wherever you go My Hand will guide you and My strength will empower you. You simply cannot disappear from my loving gaze. Even the darkest night will not keep you from My Presence. For the dark is as light to Me, as bright as the day.

The Vinedresser

From the Podcast: 21 Declarations Of Who You Are In The Vine Vol. 1
Listen to this on audio at http://goo.gl/d41RII

It’s coming soon. Thanks for letting me share.


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