In The Vine: A Day Of Dusting

I don’t like to dust. I usually would do it when I was depressed. I have not been depressed in a long time so Saturday I figured I had better get to it.

I like to listen to music on the Apple TV as I dust applying the oil of His Presence from the music.
So, I went through a wide range of emotions dusting this day.


Right off the bat I lost the Apple TV remote. I was sure the couch ate it. That brought a physical assault and upheaval of the couch only to find lots of stuff to pick up and eventually a serious vacuum job. (Not to mention cleaning the vents YOU NEVER see covered in massive filth)

I digress.

Even worse than the dust….NO REMOTE!

But really the main emotion evoked from my dusting today revolved around the pictures of my children, now grown, scattered around our house. I clean them as I dust and reminisce those precious years when they were so young and so sweet. (“Hold you. Hold you…said William as a three year-old)  I really get quite nostalgic and start to wonder where did the years go?

It seems since we all carry I-phones that most of the newer pictures taken are seen on Facebook or in texts. So I’m surrounded by pictures that have been in their frames for many years.

The other emotion in dusting is actually a good one. I think of applying anointing oil to my home as I thank God for His faithfulness. We have a house. We have memories. We have stories of breakthrough behind the pictures. We have His Presence invading every nook and cranny of the Croft Cottage. We have testimonies (do it again God) to living life in faith, in relationship with a loving Father.

I am reminded to do all things without grumbling…and thank Him for a joyful heart that does not suffer from oppression or depression anymore.

And even though I lost the i-phone remote (for most of the day), we all could laugh about it (yes, at me) and not get so stupidly angry.

So, at the end of the day I look around satisfied that the quarter inch dust is now gone. (Hah)

And, to top it all off, Dave found the Remote…under some papers I had moved.

What am I trying to say?

Enjoy simple things of life.

They don’t all have to be “Instagram” perfect moments.

God lets us be the cloth to dust in the spirit leaving the aroma of His Presence every where we go. We get to speak life over those who need to be reminded that He can make broken things whole; He can restore hope in family; He can bring back connection in marriage; He can provide Kingdom friends who become family; He can provide finances to live debt free.

Ultimately…let Him dust you daily with HiS joy, peace, and love… So you can shift the atmosphere of someone who feels like they are drowning in their own depressing dust. He lets us speak life and bring hope while we spray them with the Holy Spirit. 🙂

He really is a good good Father, showing up on cleaning and nostalgic days to remind you HE IS THE GOD OF BREAKTHROUGH.

Stay in the sweet spot abiding.

In the Vine,


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