The Crash Of The Heart Which Becomes The Crush Of More Love

Three days after one of the biggest crash of the heart and arrow to my dreams, I go to my computer to process. You are part of my blog family so I unashamedly share, hoping you might relate or praying a word from the Vinedresser might be for you too.

I am going to be just fine.


Dave Taking Me For A Ride: Harley Therapy

This sudden unexpected moment has brought out the tender love of my husband for me. He has so empowered me to fly and not stay grounded.

And it has brought out the gift in having real Kingdom connections, friends who gently speak words of life. Their love and support is such a gift from God…all resplendent with His Glory.

I’ll spare you the details but the core is simply this:

One of the most difficult things in relationships, in business, is to be misunderstood.

When someone accuses you of something that is NOT at all in you or in your spirit, it can rip a piece of your heart. When it involves a dream, it can make you feel like you drove your car into a brick wall.


How do you take the thrust of the knife on your heart and turn it around for good?

I know of only one place. It’s in the Presence of my Father with Holy Spirit doing the surgery to mend the bleeding heart. As I push back the orphan spirit that wants to be justified or wants to stay in a state of depression, I rise and run to the Vineyard.

Yes, it’s  here, in the healing presence of Holy Spirit…where I simply abide…dwell…rest….embrace….and be upgraded in my identity.

Then He so gently speaks…

Listen To The Vinedresser

“My beloved, come to Me and rest under the shadow of my tender love for you. Give it all to me child. Yes, take your mind off the crashing blow. No need to try and figure this out. No guilt or performance on your part is necessary.  Now, allow Me to gently remove the sharp cutting arrow from your heart. My Spirit will be the Balm of Gilead that not only takes the sting away but also makes you whole. Lay the betrayal you feel in emotions down on the altar as a sacrifice and move on.  Let your dashed dreams of what this might have been be a sweet savor to Me. 

What the enemy meant to destroy you I will use to upgrade you in your true identity…in the Vine. You can contend with the enemy with my Great and Precious promises.  My  promises are designed to release you from fear into joy, from a foot soldier to a warrior. 

Fix your eyes on me dear child. The place in your life where you feel the crushing blow on your heart, that wants to take you out of the garden, will become the greatest place of your intimate encounter with Me. This is your time for upgrade as you rise to occupy a higher place in My affection!

The place of battle dear child can be the ground for fresh sweet revelation of who you are becoming in the Vine. You learn to go from seeking a visitation from Me to enjoying habitation IN ME while you enjoy even more territory in this Vineyard. I’m singing over you beloved as I embrace you with my wrap around compassionate Presence. Watch as I place more of the majesty of My love on your life! More fruit will come from this painful pruning moment. Now dwell here in my embrace.  Rest in My victory. No strive child, just abide. …In the Vine!

Love the Vinedresser

God bless you my faithful friends!

IN The Vine, 


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