Living From Your Spirit Identity-With Podcast #13

Can you really deal with and conquer your anxiety?

Yes, you can as you build on your spirit identity. Guess what? This is not something you work at but a shift into believing what God says about you! With this shift, comes the breaker anointing! Below is a guest video from my Kingdom shaker breaker anointed friend, Michael Edwards. I hope you can watch this!

So, I’ve been very persistent in asking God to help me walk this spirit identity out. I’ve had my struggles.

I woke up one morning fighting anxiety last week. I have been walking in great peace and joy lately so this was quite disturbing to me. Even though it was election Tuesday, I still could not quite pin point the source of the angst I felt. I thought maybe I was feeling it for my husband or a friend. Even though I know part of my prophetic gift deals heavily with what I feel in the atmosphere, I still could not shake it.

I was in a place where I could not process this with anyone as my husband was busy at work and a few friends were out of reach. I’m rather glad now that I had no one but the Holy Spirit to work through this. As I was processing with it, the Holy Spirit spoke this to me:

“You can push back the anxiety you feel by pressing into my Presence. The press comes as you shift your MIND and activate your Spirit to hear from ME. It’s a spirit-identity shift. You can ask Me for more….. what ever you need…healing, peace, finances, connections. I delight to take good care of My children.”

So I was asking Him for the shift to my spirit identity. I wrote out some declarations for myself based on Scripture.

No relief.

I got up and went on a minor cleaning spurt. Even got on my knees to mop the floor of my laundry room. I just felt like maybe being busy cleaning (and pleasing my husband) might help me shake the heavy gorilla resting on my heart. (chuckle).

Finally I sat down and simply tried to enter His Presence. I had read a lot of the Word that morning so I pondered what I had read looking for a slight point of understanding to my anxiety. Soaking in the word is a great set up to hear His Voice.

As sure as the wind started to gently blow the leaves on the trees outside my window, I knew I could ask Holy Spirit for a word from the Vinedresser for me. So I went over the declarations I had written and started to write in the voice of my Lord, Friend, Comforter, The Vinedresser.

I am so thankful for the Holy Spirit. His Words break off the fear that wants to produce it’s bad fruit of anxiety.

You can do this too. Stay in the Word. Be sensitive to the Holy Spirit. See with your Spirit eyes, from your heart, not your physical side from your mind. God speaks to your Spirit-heart, not your mind. Take note of what stirs up negative emotions or forces by different places or situations. Instead of falling to a victim mentality, rise up seeing yourself carrying the very presence of God and emanating His love, peace, and favor everywhere you go. I believe this inward conscious walk will bring shifts in your atmosphere as you carry His Presence.

As you learn to walk this way, being more sensitive to your spirit, you begin to understand you are in Christ, living in a place of habitation. You are seated with Him at God’s right Hand. As you continue to abide in Him, you can experience a total overhaul of your identity of who you really are. You can remind yourself that God is in control. You have no need trying to manage other people. He is the Mediator!

One thing I do know for sure… NO greater shift happens in your spirit identity than receiving the gift of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. This is like driving a car and always having your gas tank full.  The same power that raised Jesus from the dead is alive in you. You can experience a baptism with evidence of speaking in tongues that can be like a power surge in your Christian walk. It’s not all about the tongues but an infusion of walking in a Kingdom realm. (For reference see John 3:5; Matthew 3:11; Acts 1:4; Acts 2:4; Acts 19:1-6; Jude 1:20; Romans 8:26)

So ready? Let’s make a declaration. (If you want to experience the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, inbox me on my Facebook page).

Declaration: I can conquer anxiety because I am one with Him. He lives in me. I can live by the Spirit Wind in peace and confidence. I carry His breaker anointing.

Listen To The Vinedresser

My child, check the troubled beats of your heart with this word. You are Spirit born. Cast off the anxiety that wants to eat away your true identity and focus on My Words. You are born from above. The Presence of My Glory is swirling and dancing all around you. Do you feel the substance of this Spirit Wind?

Rejoice dear one, for you are seated perfectly in heavenly places in Me. Soak up the the Spirit substance of My radiant splendor and deep peace I have for you. Like a piece of cornbread dipped in a big glass of milk, so I thoroughly immerse you with with My virtue and divine love. You are a Spirit being having a human experience making a great spiritual impact everywhere I choose to lead

Reach in with your heart, not your mind, and experience deep into the very core of your cells this cleansing and freeing love. I am in you. You carry the essence and aroma of being face to face with Me. You are meant for this Spirit identity. Watch it grow from intimacy with Me. You will be the one radiating My Presence as I show you how to release healing, and deliverance to people. Your Spirit will hum as you hear My Voice speak to you about the majestic love I have for everyone from which I lead you to speak.

You glow resplendently with My light, peace, and love. You carry My grandeur into places of darkness, deceit, and disease from the enemy. Your Spirit will be quickened with excitement as I lead you to demolish sickness, break the chains of bondage, and spring free the captives. Watch evil and wickedness flee because of the indwelling of My Spirit in and upon you. You effortlessly exude radical manifestations of My power, not by your own effort, but simply because you are a laid down lover of Me.

So walk on in My Spirit, beloved, from a place of victory. No need for you to strive. Simply stay in My Presence and abide as you bring heaven to earth.

Love the Vinedresser

Needless to say, I got up after writing this and the anxiety bug was squished. His Voice is His Face.  You are meant to walk free in your Spirit Identity.

I hope you can share this with someone you know who might need some encouragement over fear or anxiety. I love to read what you have to say. I read over every comment on these pages so thank you.

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In the Sweet Spot, in The Vine,


Video from Michael Edwards!

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