Healing Shattered Hearts

I was praying and rewriting a Vinedresser word the Holy Spirit gave me after I came back staying at a Christian retreat center where a couple of precious friends work.

One afternoon, I hear the Holy Spirit speak a loud word in my heart that you might need to hear amidst the demands and crashes on your heart.

He said clearly: “I am more concerned with healing shattered hearts that I am in the success of a ministry”…..

It struck me deep in my heart. I know this past year has been a process for me to learn God does not want my performance nor my “work ethic” to please Him. (Don’t get me wrong a work ethic is good but not in trying to please God). He just wants my heart. His desire is to hold me to mold me. His desire is to show me there is no need to try and find some combination to the lock on my heart with striving to feel approved by Him.

When it comes to this PBA (performance based acceptance with striving), I am often reminded of the Shulamite in the Song of Songs. She was put to work by her brothers as an appointed minister of “their ministry vineyards.” She realized they were draining her and the care of her own heart was left unattended.

I can relate that often in the name of “ministry” I easily become all Martha with no Mary in my pursuit of perfection in my work. That is what this declaration and Listen to the Vinedresser is all about.unlock

Whether you are in ministry or not, I pray you will not get snared by the yoke of religion……and find FREEDOM in who God says you are!

Here is some words from Song of Songs..

“Please don’t stare in scorn
Because of my dark and sinful ways.
My angry brothers quarreled with me
And appointed me guardian
Of their ministry vineyards,
Yet, I’ve not guarded my vineyard within.
Won’t you tell me, Lover of my soul,
Where do you feed your flock?
Where do you lead your beloved ones
To rest in the heat of the day?
For I wish to be wrapped all around you
As I go among the flocks of
Your under-shepherds.
It is you I long for, with no veil between us!

[The Shepherd-King]
Listen, my radiant one.
If you ever lose sight of me,
Just follow in my footsteps
Where I lead my lovers.
Come with your burdens and cares.
Come to the place near
The sanctuary of my shepherds—
There you will find me.
My dearest one,
Let me tell you how I see you—
You are so thrilling to me”

Song of Songs 1:6-9 TPT

Declaration: God does not want my performance but my devotion to Him. I am His delight. My life carries the aroma of His grace.

Listen To The Vinedresser

“Dear child, sometimes creating a safe boundary means you have to let go. Your heart is a delicate garden meant to display the fruits of your devotion to Me, not to anyone or anything the world has to offer. I know how you desire to work and work to please others or to walk out demands in performance. In that place you neglect the care of the Vineyard within. Listen. There is no performance based acceptance going on from Me. I love you for you, period.

“Now take my Hand of grace…This indescribable gift of grace. Be yoked with me. Be entwined in the Vine. Here we can walk the rows together and experience sweet moments of intimacy as the sun rises. I am here to dance with you as the sun finds its place of setting. Your tattered and worn heart can be refreshed in the pools of My gentle love.

“Watch how this simple walk with me will energize other parts of your being. I unlock the combination of your heart so you have no need to remember some random number. I then give you the key that is accessible every moment of every day to rest in My Vineyard and restore your soul.

“So, come now my dear radiant child, follow in My footsteps where I lead My lovers. Drop your burdens and worries and come to the place where you will always find Me. I am here to refresh your heart and enhance your beauty. You resemble My redeeming grace and your devotion brings a sweet fragrance of praise. The Vineyard of your heart is pleasing to Me, a true anointed resting place, a perfect home.

“So dear one, continue to soak, continue to blossom in the shade of My Love. Rest in My delight where My glory never fades. Remember this is not in striving but simply abiding…in the Vine.”

Love the Vinedresser

Be sure to watch the video above as I share my heart the day God spoke this to me at the retreat center.

I am praying for you…in the sweet spot..

In The Vine!



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