The Cocoon Of Intimacy: Listen To The Vinedresser

I have a new name for the Secret Place:  The Cocoon of intimacy.

The definition of cocoon has some amazing characteristics that describes a cocoon which simply solidified some of these thoughts God was dropping into my spirit. I share in the video above about this.

Now I know not all of you are in this place. Some of you are fully engaged in your vision. You are out flying high in the purpose and plans of your DNA as you experience your breakthroughs.cocoonpsalm91

But some of you may be thinking: “What is going on here?? How can I be in the sweet spot when I feel stuck in a place that at times feels cold and dark?”

Peace my friend. (You can watch the video above for more thoughts on this appointed time to rest).

I released the video as I was trying to express a place where God has me in the midst of purpose, waiting, and breakthroughs.

Bottom line, because Christ is in you, you have a cocoon like protective covering in you and all over your life!

Please don’t fret. You can be found in this sweet spot confident that God is building intimacy with you. In that intimacy you find your true identity, in Him. Let Him cover you and speak intimate tender words to YOUR heart.

He so wants to wrap His massive arms around you. He loves you and thinks you are awesome. It’s like, you “hung the moon” type adoration and love from your Heavenly Father.

Soon enough you will be flying like you dreamed with increased breakthroughs, provision, restoration, and hope.

It’s who you are…in the Vine! 

cocoonhidingplaceDeclaration:  “I can be confident that God is forming in me his perfect designs and purpose for my life. I can trust to wait in the secret place of the cocoon of intimacy of His love.”

Now, get a cup of coffee or tea and let’s listen to what the Vinedresser says….

The Cocoon Of Intimacy

Listen to the Vinedresser

“I’m calling you deeper into intimacy with me beloved, farther down the rows of My Vineyard. Here I set you up in a cocoon, protected and loved by My massive arms of grace. I am your hiding place where you can feel My presence in your times of stress, doubt, and need.

“This is the secret place I’ve called you to right now, in my garden of destiny. My superabundant grace and revelation cascades over you and in you, in this protective covering. In this cocoon shield I reveal more of the wisdom from My heavenly realm to equip you. Here is the place of peace, intimacy, and total reliance on Me, which I reserve for my godly lovers. You can see how your destiny is laid out before you and how you can learn how to operate out of a rest mode, with no performance strings attached.

“It’s dark in here I know child. You may feel totally isolated. But I am watching over you. You are hidden in My strength, wrapped in the majesty of my deep love for you. I only reserve this sanctuary for the lovers of My Presence, those who truly delight in Me. I have set you high up on this Vine, attached to the trellis of My love, where you are safe and secure before My Face. No dream killer crows can peck at you to steal or crush your tender heart, nor destroy the DNA of your designed dream.

“Get ready for my explosive and mighty resurrection power, shooting through your very being, releasing you from thecocoonbutterfly restrictive covering. You are being formed to be my advertisement of abundant goodness, grace, and mercy. Your life will be released like a best selling novel, as you fly under the power of My Anointed One, in the glorious beauty of the many colors of My radiant love. So sit still. No strive. Simply abide now…in the Vine.”
Love The Vinedresser

By Theresa Croft
©Listen To The Vinedresser: 31 Declarations Of Who You Are In The Vine

So, what do you think? 

This is one word that flowed from the keys on my mac effortlessly as God has so sat me down to listen to Him. 

Thank you for allowing me to share. Your love, prayers, and support on Facebook and here has been amazing. 

Much love to you. 

In The Vine,



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