Prophetic Word:  The Chariot Ride Podcast #35

He is ready to take you on a chariot ride of love and mercy when:

When the promises of prayers seems slow in coming….
When the no sign of breakthrough is breaking your heart…
When the trauma of the drama is slamming you down…
When the pain is suffocating your hope…
When the noise of emotions from others seems to be drowning out the voice of God!
When the shame makes you go into a lonely isolation state…

I had a prophetic word picture come as I was praying for a friend. I had a prophetic word picture come as I was praying for this precious friend as she was believing God for some real and serious healing to her body. She was still believing but totally worn out from the battle. As I prayed for this General of the Faith, I saw a picture of a gold chariot…and proceeded with a prophetic word for her.

I later felt the tug to write a Vinedresser Word from it. She said I could share it with you.

Listen…He is speaking to you..
Declaration: I am not alone. He is taking me on a hope and healing ride in His Presence

Listen To The Vinedresser…

“I see you dear one waiting for the solution to your healing. I hear your heart cry out for your breakthrough. I see you with the present pressures squeezing and suffocating your hope.

“Come near. Let me hold you close with my wrap around Presence. I have a ride waiting for you.

“Let Me pick up your worn body and gently place you in my royal chariot that is decked out with colorful gems sparkling with My colors of love. Sapphires, rubies, My crystals and precious stones reveal that this is My chariot. I want to take you for a ride. Rest here now in the front seat made for comfort as my war horses pull this transportation of hope. Trust in Me.

“Everywhere I take you this chariot leaves tracks of my endless love, dripping oil. Do you feel it. You are getting splashed with the wonderful healing oil of My Spirit. My kindness will not end. My covenant of peace I will keep. Coffee, tea, or simply more of Me is offered.

“This healing victory ride is simply one of many displays of My enduring love for you. As my war horses take you father along the smooth roads displaying My resplendent Glory…..The high majestic mountains, the quiet pools of refreshing, the wide green meadows with wild flowers, the valleys filled with fresh clean rivers. Do you see it? Look with the eyes of your heart. This wonder, full of my Presence, is all for you to breath in.

“My love and My mercy will guide you home.

“Now rest child. I will sit in the seat with you, holding you tight. Trust in Me. Rest. Sleep.Watch for more signs of My Presence.

“My war horses know the trails of hope to take, the roads to travel to bring you more of ME with spirit to spirit connections. Yes, these are My much loved sons and daughters who have more of My Heart to sit with you, or to speak prophetic words of My Heart, or simply to listen to you.

“Close your eyes. No striving. Simply abiding in the chariot of My love….. in the vine!”

Love the Vinedresser

From Volume 2 of Listen to the Vinedresser

I believe in community and supporting the messengers. I hope you can join us every day as we speak life to you.

You are valuable. You are greatly loved.

Stay abiding amidst the process.

IN The Vine,


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