God had given me a part of this word for a mighty woman of God at church a Saturday ago. I was moved myself when God asked me to type it out and send it to her.

I believe this word is for you too.


You are ready for breakthrough. But your sick and tired of hearing that word “breakthrough” and you see anything but breakthrough. It’s like dishes breaking as their thrown against the wall breaking in pieces. The result is you have put a wall all around your heart. You do now want to hurt again. You’re tired. Your wondering if there is a closed door to heaven.

Take heart. They are not. 

With that…let me have you read this word to see if it sparks a fire back in your heart where you can take the walls down and simply enter His Presence. It’s about you riding a regal horse. 

Check the definition of regal: “Regal resembling, or fit for a monarch, especially in being magnificent or dignified.”

This is you

When Breakthrough Seem Slow: The Regal Horse Prophesy:
You are helped on to a beautiful horse that has this amazing saddle. It’s loaded with gold gems and diamonds and the leather is soft and supportive.
This is the King’s horse. His much loved sons are helping you mount it.

He wants YOU to ride it because He knows you can be trusted with one of his war horses. The saddle is simply the reflection of His royalty.
As you go forward in to a plain…He tells you to let go of the reigns. Why? Because this horse knows some areas in the mountains that you would never be able to know to direct Him. He knows of the cool resting spots that are an oasis of His Presence to refresh you and strengthen you in your spirit identity. The horse knows the tricky trails through the valleys that contain rivers of gold and provision that you will need for your vision’s destiny.

The HORSE moves at a pace where you can clearly see majestic sites that you never dreamed existed.

This is you. A forerunner for the Kingdom of God. ON a journey of trust and love. You can ride this horse anytime…says the Lord. Be not dismayed at the regality of the saddle. You belong in a saddle like this…He says. So many more rides ahead too.

…So get on friend and ride…. rest…come from that place of peace. This horse has as it’s compass peace and hope. So ride often and let go of the reigns!….

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Stay abiding..

IN the Vine,


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