Beating The Noise With The Hum Of Heaven

Do you feel the effects of noise all around you? It may be the sound in your mind with worried thoughts. 

Or it could be the rattle of doubt in your mind that God will let you down amidst the journey. You may fear failure because of your past mistakes.
Or your family issues are simply a noise that will not leave you alone.
I understand.
I’m sorry it’s been so hectic at times for you. I know you want to go fully into your destiny. 
I understand you wanting a deep release, inner healing, and freedom to simply be you, abiding in the Vine.
I shared some thoughts in my Kingdom Mentor/Media Group that may help you.
Heart to heart sharing… You may be going through or living amidst noise…not the good kind of noise around you. It may be emotions going side ways, addictions in loved ones, or simply static that wants to push you down.

Consider yourself worthy of walking out your spirit identity. God wants you to succeed…walking this out, stepping in the direction of your dreams, and being faithful amidst the call. 

This is one HUGE resource in your life that is being activated…

Take the challenges you may have faced since learning about your spirit identity here in this group as a way to solidify in your heart that you are truly learning to know who you are in Christ. You are His much loved daughter, His much loved son. You can speak with authority over demonic noice because you are in tune with the “hum” of heaven…. This is the very vibration, designs, and frequencies that reside in you because you are a spirit being….having a human experience walking in victory.

Start notecards with scripture…prophetic words…and declare this out…The biggest shift comes in your belief systems…and this in itself will give you the capacity to walk forward in your dreams and visions.

That’s what this Kingdom group is all about. Saving you time and money to go forward with the call on your life.

You may be an author (or aspiring to be). A Life Coach..a singer…a marketplace business person..or a stay at home mom.

Listen…. For a fraction of a cost of other guru’s and coaches, I am offering this introduction offer to you to discover how knowing your true identity brings in the resources for you to be successful in your call. I help enlarge your capacity within so you can handle the destiny God has lined into your very being, your DNA.

I invested thousands and thousands of dollars. Now you can access this resource with a minimum investment including bonuses with The Place Of Breakthrough Series. 

Because of the addition media training to learn how to spread your message online, I’m going to raise the price tomorrow morning.

I’d love to see you jump in now. This is a safe place to gain connections and friendships as you learn together.

Click here now before I raise the price.

I believe in you. I believe you have value. I believe someone is waiting to hear your song, read your book, listen to your advice…….

You have an extraordinary solution to someone’s pain point.

Abiding in the sweet spot…

In The Vine,


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