Beating The Barriers

Beating the barriers to your dreams starts now.

What if I told you there is one key to really beat fear and propel you forward?

Love. Choose His love and let Him take your from fried, tried, and crucified to love molding you to be your “perfect you”.

By the way, it is still the year of turnaround. He gave you the dreams. Now is the time for acceleration.

How? By breaking the barriers of fear….

Pain and disappointment are some of the barriers to breakthrough. Good news. You have a choice to love and trust Him. You have a choice to not isolate yourself and receive healing amidst the context of community and Kingdom family.beating the barriers

Here is a truth to hang your hope hat on:

God cares.

As I was reading the Word one day this past week, this one verse stuck out. The Israelites were in their own battle against the Egyptians who were literally and figuratively working them to death. After 40 years of process in the desert, God sent Moses back to them with hope…. and then..

“Then the people of Israel were convinced that the Lord had sent Moses and Aaron. When they heard that the Lord was concerned about them and had seen their misery, they bowed down and worshiped.” Exodus 4:31 NLT

May I remind you the Lord is concerned about you. He has keys for you to move from misery into living messages of hope for others. He has not forgotten your desires and dreams! The struggle is not your norm. As you walk in your spirit identity can learn to flourish in the midst of the trials and resistance. You are able to worship while you wait….

What is the position of trust when the waves seem to be crashing you into the sand. You get up with sand in your mouth only to be pushed down again. You’re wet. Your tired. Your body even aches from the slam.

Beating The Barriers-FLOAT!

God told me this is the time to float. It involves trust. Let Him hold you and carry you. Trust. Choose to focus on HIM and not the waves crashing in on you. That trust word is an action word. So, in that choice is a place of faith and worship to declare HE loves you, and He won’t let you drown. Beating the barriers to destiny means keeping the declarations alive and spoken out of your mouth.

I wrote this Vinedresser Word to all the responses to the “Embrace the Suck” Video. I pray it encourages you.

Declaration: I CHOOSE to trust that God cares for me. I choose Him. I choose love.
LISTEN To The Vinedresser

“When you’re hurt, devastated and trauma has taken its toll, run hard deep into the garden to receive my embrace of grace. I am here. Choose Me and hold Me and drop the rock of offense in your hand. In My embrace you can face this shattering pain and find the ammunition to kill your dashed hopes and dreams.

“I give you this choice. Choose Me and choose life. I have given you so many precious and magnificent promises to power you through the minefield of your setbacks and delays in your destiny. My word will bring purpose amidst the wait. My promises are always yes and amen. I have your times in My hands.

beating the barriers“You can choose what I say and be healed from the foxes of fear that have wrecked havoc in your mind. I give you life, and life more abundant. In Me lies the power to walk in the perfect you I have created you to be. I have wired you for love and greatness in My Kingdom. You have a song that only you can sing that comes straight from My heavenly courts. You have a message from the mess of trespassed abuse from your past that will set others free to fly like you.

“So walk on through the process my precious child. It’s in the process and the waiting that you find that spot in the garden of your heart where My voice speaks clearly. My voice drowns out the toxic thoughts that come from the fear that has been running after you, tripping you up with each direction you take.

“I am near to heal your ravished and overwhelmed heart. The branches in this Vineyard will hold you close as I wrap my arms and hold you close to My heart. Listen to the cadence of the beat of My heart that sings over you…songs of love….songs of deliverance…songs of hope.

“You can choose to soak in My Vineyard. In My Presence is fullness of joy. You are meant to live on top of the mountain, not under it. Speak often My Promises over your life.

“Now lay down your pride and remember: NO performance needed. No strive. Simply abide.
Love the Vinedresser

You may feel the power of fear displayed in areas of your life clogging up your breakthrough. I believe He has given you  the “breaker anointing” as you operate in love. You get to choose.  You may not be able to determine your circumstances around you but you do have to choice to operate in love. 

It’s who you are as you learn to abide amidst the process!

IN the Vine,


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