The ABC’s Of Social Media Management

You have this message that the world needs to hear. I believe God has stamped into your very DNA a passion for a purpose to provide an extraordinary solution to someone’s pain point.

Have you ever thought of using Social Media, Facebook exactly to share this message?

Or have you tried to get your product and services in front of the most faces and your feel tired of being tied to your phone?

Think on this. Every day over 4.2 Billion people like something on Facebook. 

I am quite passionate about this subject and not just because I own a social media management company!


What amazes me is the fact that this is a place where I can be myself, prophecy, share a word or simply share my everyday fun moments with my own family.

Actually Facebook has become the front door of our ministry to the messengers. I used to think it was an unusual slogan… “From Facebook to Our Front Door” you are welcome here!

Now it is almost a daily occurrence as my husband, Firebrand Dave, counsels, instructs, and encourages countless ministers, prophets, teen evangelists, and evangelists. Many find us through Facebook. Yes, some ARE friends but friends we met on Facebook. My daughter’s best friend now came from a social media acquaintance. They both are fireballs for Jesus, youth Kingdom shakers.

Needless to say, we never have a dull day around the “Croft Cottage.”

If this still seems all greek to you in using social media. let’s start out with some basics.

socialmedialayoutHere are the ABC’s that I present in thinking of social media management for your business or your ministry.

A) Leave your profile behind and use a Facebook page. Besides the greater engagement you can get on a page, the real truth here is rarely do your friends buy from you. Not only that, they are really turned off when you pitch your product on their newsfeed. It’s a great way to get unfriended!

If that sounds too drastic, still set up your page and have some posts go to your profile. But don’t try to sell. In fact, Facebook prohibits selling with your profile. It’s a good way to get banned and lose your profile.

Now, think of your page as your front door to your store. This is where you will build a culture, a community, a pride around you and what you have to offer.

B) Post often on your page. No, you are not going to annoy people. Well, the only people you may annoy is those who don’t have many friends and they see your posts. They can always un-like your page. That’s not a bad thing.

I am a big believer in posting at least 8 times per day. Why?

Two reasons. One the average time a person spends on Facebook is around 21 minutes. So if Joe checks in at 9am but Sue checks in at 5pm, your missing one or the other.

The second reason is Google will “spyder” your page and you will have a good chance to be ranked higher in search engines by people looking for you by name, or by your business product, service, or product.

Big warning here. Do not post 8 times about what you have to sell!! Serious. Only post 10  to 20 percent with what you have to offer. Use the rest of the posts to encourage, inspire, and build a culture. What do people do, like, or participate in who use your product or service. This may come naturally to you or you may have to do some research or even hire a social media management company that can do the digging for this kind of data.

C) Be you. This is so crucial. Be authentic and real. People are quite savy online today. They can spot a fake from a mile away. So be real. Don’t try to imitate someone.

My daughter has become quite popular with short videos, tweets, and instagram posts. There is this one young person that tries so hard to copy here in words and actions. I wish I could shake her and say be you honey! Behind the trying so hard to be someone else is a person who needs to find herself and believe in herself!

Make sense.

These are just the beginning thoughts of starting to explore the amazing potential using social media to spread your message.

You can do this. Speak! The World is listening online!

If you do feel overwhelmed, contact me. I can give you a free 20 minute consultation to see how my services might help you!

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