2017 Turnaround Health With Podcast #21

The word for 2017 of “Turnaround Stamped With Grace and Favor” has continued to resound as I make my way through this first month of a New Year. What I hear now is Turnaround health.

I wrote about the three parts of this word..How 2017 will be a “turnaround in your changing your belief system, having no fear, and seeing your most deepest heart dreams and visions being a reality.” (Click here to read full word.)

I shared a very personal story as I talked about a turnaround in your finances last week.

So, how about you getting a word for your turnaround health?  Like NOW!.

Toward the late part of last year, I struggled with some unexpected health issues, one in particular that was border line been life threatening. As I thought about this, I realized something very profound.

I was able to go through the pain with much peace. A foundation of being loved by God, knowing my identity, and having my husband and close friends’ compassion made this time of anguish bearable. We are designed by God to be loved. That force can help you through so many difficult situations.

So, I challenge you to get a word from Holy Spirit now for your health. I’m not just talking your physical health but also your soul health.

How do you do this? Well, God will speak to you and I can bet it will be full of HIS Word and His promises. I love what Joaquin Evans of Bethel’s Healing Rooms said one night at class at school (Bethel Atlanta School of The Supernatural)..

“The assignment is to release love encounters with God. If you are having people having love encounters with God, the sick will get healed.”—Joaquin Evans

Love encounters. I believe this is the key. And it is one I am using as a foundation for my “word” concerning my physical and soul health.

You can adopt this word and add to it, if you like.

So I have been pursuing and looking for love encounters with Holy Spirit. One morning I ended up spending two hours simply soaking in the Word of God. I’ll put some of the scripture down at the end of this post.

Filling up with His love first sets a foundation to walk as God has designed you to walk. It also is a great help amidst speed bumps and sharp curves along the process of life. 

I hit a curve already this year.  It took a day of worshiping (while I watched my husband work laying down a tile floor) to manage my way through the tangled emotions. Instead of staying in a pit of rejection or other emotional throw up for weeks, I asked God humbly to speak to me. He did…through my husband and a few close friends.

Your “God need” to be loved can have a direct relationship with your health!

Check this quote:

Speaking Life At The Crossing Conference

A deep sense of love an belonging is an irreducible need of all people.We are biologically, cognitively, physically, and spiritually wired to love, to be loved, and to belong. When those needs are not met, we don’t function as we were meant to. We break. We fall apart. We numb. We ache. We hurt others. We got sick.  Brene Brown.

So, a big part of this Word for my health from the Lord does not only have to do with my physical needs but also my soul needs.

So I activate the declarations of what God says as I say “no” to fear (or the enemies lies), and continue walking in the destiny God has laid out for me.

How do I say this word now? Let me see if the Vinedresser will help me out…and maybe encourage you.

Listen to the Vinedresser:

I am your lover, your friend. Walk with Me and experience the healing love of being connected to Me, child. My Son has carried your weaknesses, your illnesses, even your greatest needs. From the bloody cross to the cold tomb, He made the way for the ultimate in healing grace. The price has been paid.

“I do not train through pain. Your desire for love, belonging, and being loved is from Me. I wired your internal needs for being loved and being connected for significance. So connect with Me in the Vine. I am the same yesterday, today, and for ever. I am the only One who will never let you down. Do you know what that means to you? I still like to heal bodies. I still like to see you laugh with friends. i still heal marriages and family relationships.

“Bring your battered and torn heart and body to me. Lean agains My arms.

“I will hold you and make you whole. Immerse yourself in Me as I bathe you with the cool mist of My Presence. I will hold your hand with tenderness as you lay on your healing bed, or feel an arrow of rejection. I wil kiss your heart and make it whole. My divine health and healing is here. Your greatest pleasure will be in My loving you and you abiding with Me..in the Vine.”
Love the Vinedresser

I pray you continue to move forward in faith with this turnaround word. Sometimes faith is risky. Do you dare to believe what He says?

I see Turnaround for for you!

In the sweet spot..in the Vine,


PS. Click here to download the Scripture of Love Encounters that I experienced from the Word one morning.

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