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  • Cling To The Vine: Life Of Living In The Vine
    Where Is Your Confidence? I talk about certain emotions that want to take me out in this video. Posted by Theresa Croft on Saturday, July 25, 2015   Cling To The Vine What did HE say to you today. He told me to cling to the Vine! He is speaking to you and would love to […]
  • Listening To The Vinedresser Amidst The Process
    Listening To The Vinedresser Amidst The Process Life throws you a curveball and you are reeling with emotions. Maybe you found out someone was talking about you behind your back. Maybe it was a disagreement with a spouse or friend. Or maybe your child just told you he hated you. How do you deal with the […]
  • We Are Family! Stay Connected In The Vine!
    Connect With Our FamilyWe are family… NEW changes. Good changes. If you NEVER want to miss the content on my page, be sure to set your newsfeed preference to have my page in TOP PRIORITY! Here’s a short video how (sniffles from son and music and all… ) Posted by Theresa Croft on Friday, July […]
  • ABC’s Of Social Media Management
    The ABC’s Of Social Media Management You have this message that the world needs to hear. I believe God has stamped into your very DNA a passion for a purpose to provide an extraordinary solution to someone’s pain point. Have you ever thought of using Social Media, Facebook exactly to share this message? Or have […]