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  • Unity With Your Soul To Your Spirit
    Inner Unity: Unity With Your Soul to Your Spirit Have you ever felt out of joint emotionally. You know like, something sneaks in, such as doubt and a past failure, and next thing you know you feel like life is draining away from you. I understand how life’s challenges can leave you reeling and slam you […]
  • Zipping Fear On A Zip Line
    Zipping Fear-With Podcast #27 So I discovered zipping fear on a zip line…. What do I mean? Well, literally I joined a gang of Jesus loving sisters who decided to celebrate a friend’s birthday by going to the mountains where a course of zip lines were set up for recreation. (Definition: consists of a pulley suspended […]
  • Beating The Noise With The Hum Of Heaven
    Beating The Noise With The Hum Of Heaven Do you feel the effects of noise all around you? It may be the sound in your mind with worried thoughts.  Or it could be the rattle of doubt in your mind that God will let you down amidst the journey. You may fear failure because of your past […]
  • Soul Health: Running With Jesus And Your Tribe
    Soul Health: Running With Jesus And Your Tribe How do I explain yesterday. I am full. My soul is rejoicing in the rhythm of Jesus’s love as I’m held in the grip of His grace. Truly a boost to soul health. I ended my first year, Bethel Atlanta School of the Supernatural, graduating with a […]